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PureInsight | December 12, 2005

[] Lately I have had some discussions with fellow Falun Gong practitioners about memorizing Zhuan Falun. It appears that almost everyone shares the same problem of not having enough time to memorize Zhuan Falun. I would like to share my experience memorizing Zhuan Falun and some other Falun Gong books in a relatively short period of time, which will hopefully inspire fellow practitioners to memorize the Fa.

I started memorizing Zhuan Falun during the summer of 1997. So far I have memorized Zhuan Falun six times. At first I was unable to memorize the Fa quickly. But after I learned from my experience and found a way that worked for me, I began to memorize the Fa very quickly.

A few days ago I read a few articles about memorizing Zhuan Falun and was inspired to memorize Zhuan Falun again. However, it has been almost three years since I last memorized Zhuan Falun. I was not confident whether I would be able to go through it this time. I started spending the one-hour subway ride to work every day memorizing Zhuan Falun. It turned out that the result was very good. At first there was a lot of interference in my head, but in the end it all evaporated into thin air.

This is my personal approach: 1) Memorize one paragraph at a time; 2) When it comes to a long paragraph, break it into a few smaller sections and memorize one section at a time; and 3) Proceed to the next one after you memorize one paragraph. Do not go back to check if you still remember the previous paragraph. It is okay even if you do forget it after a while. The truth is that you have already remembered it somewhere in your mind after you memorized it. At least you have memorized it once.

In my experience, don't try to go back and check whether you still remember the paragraphs you have memorized. When you finish memorizing one paragraph, you have remembered it by heart. Even if you forget it later, you had memorized it before.

The majority of us Falun Gong practitioners have read Zhuan Falun countless times so we have become very familiar with its content. As a result, it is very easy for us to memorize it if we memorize one paragraph at a time. If you try to memorize Zhuan Falun this way, I am certain that you will not have problem memorizing it and you will definitely succeed if you persevere.

When we try to memorize Zhuan Falun, we get a lot of benefits. It expedites the process of transforming our thoughts up to the new standard of the new universe and eliminates a large number of evil elements. In addition, the content of Zhuan Falun will pop up in our head immediately when we encounter problems in our daily life.

If you really don't have time to memorize Zhuan Falun, you might want to try this approach to memorize Teacher's new articles. The result, I believe, will be very good too.

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