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PureInsight | January 9, 2006

[] I am more than happy to be part of the Dafa family, and it is an honor to be here sharing my experiences at the 2005 Southeastern Fahui with all of you.

New Understanding
I like to start by saying that it hurts me much to know what happening to our Dafa Dizi in those labor camps in China. At night in my sleep I can hear the screaming for help of the torturing received by each Dafa Dizi in those labor camps as well of the screaming and crying of the children losing their parents. I share this because, in my country, I also was a victim of the persecution. Cuba shares the same regime as China and has close tie with the ex-President. Two cousins of mine were persecuted just for being steadfast in Catholicism, many families were broken apart, and much more. Furthermore, I can't forget the day Cuban government officials came to my house to take my father away to do forced labor for not sympathizing with the regime and leaving our country to seek freedom elsewhere. My father went through many hardships to bring my brother and I here, to the land of the free. This is why I support my Chinese Dafa Dizi Family to the end. Since a child my father used to tease me by saying that I was a Chinese. Perhaps he was right. Maybe, in my previous life, I really was a Chinese. I always was interested in martial arts. I remember my father used to take me to the cinema to watch the movies. When I came to this country at a very young age I started to learn martial arts. I trained for 30 years and learned two kinds of martial arts, plus Taiji and Qigong, as well. But I was always searching for something more profound in life, hoping that one day I would find it. In 1998 a group from my school and I traveled to China representing the United States in a championship in Shanghai. It was a great experience, not only for the event but also for the culture, beauty, and philosophy. Besides I always dreamed of visiting China.

One Saturday morning in the first week of October, 1999, while riding bikes with my friend through the park as we usually do, we came across a group of Chinese meditating. We stopped to watch. The sound of the beautiful music and the peaceful environment captured my attention. Suddenly one of them came over and started explaining about Falun Dafa. Since they were almost finished he invited us to come the next day, Sunday, to join the practice. We went. My friend told me to start first and I did. When we started I felt my body warm and the most beautiful feeling like a powerful force was purifying my body. I suddenly told myself that my searching had been accomplished in finding what I had been seeking for so many years. When I first read the book (Zhuan Falun) the words are so profound that they were melting into my soul and I was coming to understand that it was Shifu who guided me to this righteous path all along. Since that day I became a Dafa Dizi, leaving behind what I had learned for thirty years. From the beginning of my cultivation I have received many blessings. At the age of six months I was diagnosed with a bronchial disease (asthma) and, because of the position that I had to sustain in order to breathe, I developed a slight deviation in my spine. Through the years it worsened to the extent that I couldn't sit straight for even five minutes because the pain in my back was very painful. When I obtained the Fa the first four exercises were no problem to do, but when the fifth exercise came along it was difficult for me to do and crossing my legs made it even worse. For two months I had that ordeal, then I remember Shifu's words in Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun, "If it is difficult you can endure." I persisted, and the next time we met, with Shifu's great compassion, I was able to sit straight in a half lotus. Shifu, xíexie ní.

Rescuing Charles Lee
Two years ago, hearing the news of the arrest of Charles Lee, right away I bought a plane ticket to Washington DC and being a friend of Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lethinen, I didn't think twice. Besides, I think that the words "we are one body" is to help each other on any occasion. Last year in May I went to Chicago to attend the fahui, listen to Shifu, and support the legal proceeding accusing the ex-President of China of genocide that recently was being argued in the Federal Court. I was sharing a hotel room with other Dafa Dizi. On the day that the legal arguments were to begin, while getting dressed in the room I rammed my foot against the bed. My toe broke, resulting in a great pain. When the other Dafa Dizi commiserated with my ordeal and suggested rushing to the hospital I said, "This pain is nothing compared to what our Dafa Dizi in Chinese labor camps must suffer through". Then we went directly to the courtroom, to sit there in support of the lawsuit. My foot healed in less than two weeks.

Predestined Relationship
Last year in November, I went to South America to attend the Perú Fahui and the APEC in Chile. Practitioners from many countries attended both events. Aside from what we all went to do, Shifu had a special arrangement for me. There, I met my predestined daughter. A child that is known all over the world for her remarkable bravery in telling her story and saving the children. Her name is Fadu. The special true love that we share is one and only that of a father and daughter. Thanks again, Shifu. Xíexie ní.

Going to New York
Between last year and this year I traveled to New York many times to clarify the truth. This February I had many wonderful comments from the local residents. One gentleman was so moved by the torture exhibition that he reached his pocket to give me money. When I told him that we do not accept donations, he responded, "What can I do to help?" I said, signing the petition is more than enough. Many local residents also signed the petition. A lady from Romania in tears signed the petition and said, "I cannot believe that such a beautiful, peaceful, and beneficial exercise is persecuted in China while other countries have the freedom to practice. Deep in my heart I wish this persecution ends up soon!" While signing, a lady from United Kingdom that who works for the government in her country said, "I have signed many times in England and I will keep signing until it is over!"

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