Four Stories of an Old Man in His Seventies Trying to Save Chinese Spies by Clarifying the Truth to Them

Wang Deyu

PureInsight | January 2, 2006

[] Falun Gong practitioners have been clarifying the truth in front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto for the last six years and have maintained a presence at the consulate for more than 2000 hours continuously. As before, today I'm going to tell you some of our stories.

I. Chinese spy A's conscience is waking

One day several months ago, at eight o'clock in the morning, I was sending righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto. I heard someone ask me, "How much do you get paid for coming here every day?" I opened my eyes and saw a young man in a black suit standing in front of me. He looked familiar to me. He seemed to be one of the agents working inside the Chinese consulate.

I told him frankly, "I believe in the existence of gods. I know what is going on now. I also understand and believe what is going to happen in the near future. I am telling those things to the worlds' people, hoping they will be safe and have a wonderful future. Tell me, who would pay me for doing such things? In addition, a hundred million Falun Gong practitioners have been risking their lives to clarify the truth every day. If they are to be paid, say, a dollar a day for each person, then over a period of six years, how many hundreds of millions dollars would have to be paid to them? Tell me, is anybody that rich in the world?"

He didn't say a thing. So I took out a copy of "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" (or "The Nine Commentaries" for short) and handed it over to him. I told him, "You'd better have a look at this book. One should do things according to one's conscience because the gods are watching!" He still did not say anything. But he nodded and took the book. He didn't leave until he took a walk around the yard. I knew his conscience was waking up.

II. The new Chinese spy B suddenly woke up to the truth

At 11 o'clock on a Friday morning in October, I was scheduled to leave the consulate. But the practitioner who had signed up for the next time slot had not arrived yet. I told myself, "Teacher must have arranged someone who has a predestined relationship with me to see me, just wait."

In a little while, I saw a young man whom I had not seen before. He was also wearing a black suit. He was standing across the street from the consulate and taking many pictures of me without stopping. I was clarifying the truth to others at that time, and too busy to deal with him. After everyone had left , I walked toward him peacefully. I asked directly, "What are you going to do with those pictures of an old man in his seventies? Sell them or buy yourself some political credits? It's too late, kid. I was already on the Chinese consulate's blacklist a few years ago. Aren't you toiling away for nothing? While Mr. Chen Yonglin (a former Chinese diplomat who had defected to Australia) and Mr. Hao Fengjun (a former Chinese policeman from China's "610 Office" who had also defected) are walking toward the light, you're going to the dark side. It's not worth it! You will see how much you have lost after reading 'The Nine Commentaries.'" I then handed him a copy of the book.

He took the book "Nine Commentaries" and said in a very soft voice, "Thank you." I have not seen him from that time till now.

III. Calling to Spy C who appeared to fear nothing at all but actually had no plans

A young spy had just arrived at the Chinese consulate. It seemed that he feared nothing at all. He walked up to me and directly asked me questions that all the other spies were working covertly to find out, such as, "How many people are practicing Falun Gong in Toronto?" I told him slowly and peacefully, "We neither have an organization nor keep a name list. But there are about 100 million people who practice Falun Gong in the entire world." I also told him, "As a matter of a fact, everything you want to know about Falun Gong is available on If you spend more time reading the articles on the website, you will stop doing and saying stupid things. Here's a copy of 'The Nine Commentaries.' You'll understand a lot of things after reading it."

IV. The second confrontation

A staff member working in the Chinese consulate took a copy of "The Nine Commentaries" a few days ago. Today he raised two questions. One question was, "The things stated on "The Nine Commentaries" can't all be true?!" I said, "Who said so? You're only near forty years old. Did you live through those things? I'm in my seventies, and I have witnessed and undergone those things myself. They're 100% true." His second question was, "Will it serve any use to quit the party with a fake name?" I said, "Of course it will! The destruction of the Chinese Communist Party by heaven means that the gods are going to destroy the Chinese Communist Party. The gods will know that one has used a fake name to quit the party and will ensure that person's safety."

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