Some Thoughts on Solid Wood Furniture

Zhang Chunyu

PureInsight | January 9, 2006

[] Just a few decades ago, most people had never even heard the term "solid wood furniture." To them, furniture was always made of solid wood. There were different types of wood, such as Northeast China ash, Golden cypress, and hardwood. There were also red pine, white pine, etc. But nothing was called just "solid wood." Time has changed and all trades are changing. The terms that people use in their daily lives today are very different from those used in the past.

Today we all know that a piece of solid wood furniture is made of real wood, 100% wood. Other than solid wood furniture, a lot of furniture is made of shavings board, high-density board, plywood, etc. Although a piece of furniture made of such material has a smooth finish as well as good hardness, people still prefer furniture made of solid wood. The price of a piece of solid wood furniture is usually quite high.

There are many reasons why people are fond of solid wood furniture. We will not explore those here. I want to talk a little about my own understanding on another related subject. To me, what a person looks like inside and outside is analogous to a piece of furniture. Although everyone can dress up nicely and looks the same on the outside, people's inner characteristics vary and may be completely different from one another. Some people are as good inside as they look on the outside. They treat things seriously and say what they mean. They are upright, honest, and broadminded. Other people trust them in everything they do. Who wouldn't want to be with such people? Who wouldn't want to be their friends? On the contrary, some people are slippery, nitpicking, and greedy. They are full of falsehood, and constantly try to promote themselves. Who would want to deal with such people? Who would want to be their friends?

Why is the case? The reason is very simple. You feel safe and confident when dealing with an upright and honest person. But when you deal with a person who is flashy and without substance, you always are on guard to protect yourself, and it is very tiring to deal with such a person.

Many people dress immaculately while attending a wedding or a formal party, walking on the street, or appearing on a TV show. It is very difficult to tell who the good people are with just one glance. But when we get to know them more deeply, it is easy to tell them apart based on what they are and what kind of things they do.

It is perfectly understandable that people prefer solid wood furniture. Similarly, people naturally like a person with high integrity. Why then do we not start with ourselves and change ourselves into people who are good, upright and honest?

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