Stories of Reincarnation: A History of Mine

A Dafa Practitioner in Heilong

PureInsight | January 9, 2006

[] I left home and became a monk before I turned 19. I had once practiced cultivation in a cave under the tutelage of an old monk. In 1994, I was fortunate enough to attend Teacher's Falun Gong class in Harbin City. During the eight-day class, I found answers to all the questions that had troubled me during my previous cultivation practice. I developed an incomparably deep respect for and rock-solid faith in Teacher and the Great Laws of the Universe that Teacher spoke of. I entered into a state of Gradual Unlocking of Gong, and therefore have been able to recall some of my past lives.

Every Falun Dafa practitioner paid a heavy price in order to become a Fa-rectification Period Dafa disciple. If we fail to treasure the precious time that we have been given today, it will pass by in a blink of an eye, and we will truly have let ourselves down! In order to represent countless sentient beings in a colossal cosmic body and save them during the Fa-rectification of the universe, each Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple had to undergo the process of reincarnation and descend level by level from the realm where his or her original life was created. After that, many practitioners spent nearly 200 million years living in the Three Realms, the most miserable and deluded place in the entire universe, going through one life after another and suffering numerous hardships before they deserved to become Fa-rectification Period Dafa disciples.

I had conducted cultivation practice in many of my past lives. Teacher said, "Establishing the karmic relationships was only the outer goal; after forging the karmic relationships, Dafa disciples and I also had to shoulder the responsibility of creating man's civilization and the culture that Dafa would require." (From "Touring North America to Teach the Fa") In the history that Falun Dafa practitioners have helped to create, which has laid a cultural foundation for the spreading of Dafa and the Fa-rectification, many deeds were done by every one of us practitioners.

Tibet is a special place and has many cultivation schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Right before I was incarnated in the human world in the Tang Dynasty, I had completed my cultivation practice in the Kagyupa sect of Tibetan Tantrism in a previous life, and the gong that I had cultivated in that life was sealed (so that my mighty virtue could be accumulated and I could be worthy enough to be a Fa-rectification Period Dafa disciple eventually). After that, I was incarnated into a businessman's family in Tibet. When I was three years old, several senior Kagyupa lamas found me. One of the lamas had been older than me and shared the same Master with me in my previous life. I was taken back to my old room in the Potala Palace where I had lived in my previous life. I was told to sit on my bed. The senior lama who had shared the same teacher with me in my past life brought over things that I had used in my previous life as well as other people's clothes. He gave them to me one by one, and I was able to pick out the things that had belonged to me and held them to my chest. Then a religious ritual went on for many days. After that, I started my cultivation practice formally. At the beginning, the senior lama who had shared the same master with me in my previous life taught me to read using the classics of Tibetan Tantrism. Every night I meditated until midnight. Every morning I got up at 5 o'clock to read scriptures out loud. When I was seven or eight years old, besides learning Buddhist scriptures everyday, I learned fighting, wrestling, how to use a knife, how to ride a horse, and so on from specially assigned lamas. My schedule was full every day. Moreover, I frequently participated in religious rituals held in other temples.

One day, a senior lama in a Kagyupa temple was about to pass away, and almost all Kagyupa lamas attended the Fa conference in his honor. During the daytime, he shared experiences with accomplished monks and senior cultivators from all over the country. At night he gave his final lecture to his disciples and followers. Then with smile he passed away while sitting cross-legged. A moment later, bright white and red lights emitted from his body. In the blink of an eye, his whole body melted into a red light and disappeared in the sky, leaving only nails and clothes behind. Today, that senior Kagyupa lama has been incarnated in the human world as an elderly female practitioner whom I know well. She is very strict with herself in her cultivation practice, and often urges me to advance diligently in my own cultivation practice.

Tibetan Buddhism has many secret cultivation practice methods, which can only be conducted under the master's supervision on an individual basis. For example, when opening the Third Eye, the Master would strengthen the disciple with his supernormal powers in a secret room and remove a bone in the forehead of the disciple. A quarter-sized red scar would remain on the forehead after the wound healed.

Another example is the double cultivation of a man and a woman. Before the master could teach them the secret cultivation practice method, cultivators conducting double cultivation of a man and a woman must reach at least the realm of the entry-level Arhat, and must have been incarnated from higher realms. Moreover, the time of birth of the two people must match well. Prior to conducting the cultivation practice method, the two people must go through a religious ritual, which would last from seven days to twenty-one days, to further purify their bodies and minds. During that time, they ate special food and medicine. In addition, the double cultivation of a man and a woman could only be conducted during specific periods of time according to the Tibetan calendar.

When I was 18 years old, the senior lamas gave me a thorough and careful test over every aspect that I had studied. They gave me an overall evaluation and corrected some of my shortcomings in my cultivation practice. Then I entered a new stage of cultivation practice – spreading the Buddha Fa and forging charitable relationships widely. Because of my special status, every month I spent more time than an average lama did with junior lamas who had just left home and charitable laymen and laywomen who had a predestined relationship with the Buddha Fa. My job was to impart to them the principles of cultivation practice. Of course, I only taught them low-level cultivation practice methods and understandings of the Buddha Fa principles. I also often listened to accomplished lamas sharing their understandings of the Buddha Fa and their own cultivation experiences.

Every genuine lama had very powerful supernormal capabilities. The Buddha Fa is merciful to sentient beings, but is also dignified. Every year the Kagyupa held an annual Fa conference in the fall, during which time many senior lamas would share what they had foreseen in the coming year, in order to let me make a decision about what to do correspondingly (by then, I had risen to the most senior position).

One year, many senior lamas foresaw one thing in common. They all foresaw that an evil cult from an alien race was going to invade the Tibetan area. After discussing and sharing understandings with others, in order to ensure that the practice of Kagyupa could be passed down to the next generation completely and safeguard the prosperity of the Buddha Fa in the Tibetan area, I ordered Fa-guardian lamas to directly eliminate the evil specters in other dimensions that had wanted to launch the war directly, and punish the evil persons in the human world. Moreover, I informed the local officials of the enemy's strategy and intention and their troops' dispatch time and route. The local officials were able to prepare for the war well in advance. The next year, the invaders dispatched their troops as expected, but the troops ran into a flood half way, and later on were ambushed by the Tibetan army. They suffered catastrophic losses and returned home after being thoroughly defeated.

There were many secret chambers and alleys underneath the Potala Palace. The secret chambers stored many bodies of lamas throughout history as well as precious cultural relics and documents. They contained secrets that the world's people would never possibly find out.

In my later years of that life, because I had advanced diligently without ever slacking off, I reached the highest realm in the Kagyupa cultivation practice. One day in sitting meditation, I was enlightened by my master and obtained a heavenly book of Buddha Fa. I followed the principles in the book until I reached nirvana. That is how I had gone through a whole life of cultivation practice, and fulfilled the goal of cultivation practice of that life. From there, I followed Teacher's arrangement and was incarnated into my next life.

I had been incarnated in Mongolia during Genghis Khan's time, in France, and in the flames of war in Europe during World War II. In fact many well-know figures during World War II are today's Falun Dafa practitioners.

I have shared my past life's experience of cultivation practice here, hoping it might be of some help to my fellow practitioners so we will treasure this moment of Fa-rectification cultivation practice more and take on greater responsibilities while validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

Sometimes when I hear the song "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau," I would recall the snow-covered plateau, the holy, pure and mystical land where I had practiced cultivation and lived.

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