Exploring Cycles of Incarnation: A Princess, a Nobleman and Immortal Woman He

Hang Ming

PureInsight | February 13, 2006

[PureInsight.org] One is bound
to meet joy and sorrow in life. I have never met anyone who has never
had any trouble or worries in his life. One is truly lucky to have a
kind and helping friend when one is overcome with worries. When you are
offered help in the time of need, you are likely to thank Heaven for
watching over you. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be given
help each time he encounters a problem. But I have met such a person in
the United States. She is a poet, professor and dance performer. She is
a woman of conscience and always offers help in the time of need. Her
name is Anpei. Anpei enjoys and pursues art and has little interest in
wealth or power.

Last year Anpei's father died at over 100 years of age. She was
overcome with sorrow and didn't know what to do without her father. She
even wished that she had gone with her father. I told her, "Your father
must have accumulated a lot of virtue to live to be 100 years old and
to have such an excellent daughter with a lot of filial piety for him.
Your father was truly a man of great virtue and fortune. Besides, your
father was an educator who had nurtured a lot of talent for society.
During the war against Japan in WWII, your father was not only a school
principal, but also a parent to his students. He had given his students
the best care. He even moved out of his principal's residence and gave
it to General Claire Lee Chennault (1893 – 1958 A.D.), who had
commanded the "Flying Tigers" during WWII and fought against Japan
alongside the Kuomingtang's troops in China. Your father has
accumulated a lot of virtue and done a lot of charitable deeds. That
must be the reason why your father enjoyed longevity. You should feel
happy for him." After hearing my explanation of the law of cause and
effect, Anpei seemed to calm down a little and became curious about
karmic retribution and reward of virtue. Next I told her that hypnosis
sometimes helps a person understand previous lives and validates the
law of cause and effect. Anpei was very interested in getting hypnosis
and I promised to give her a session when we both had time. During the
Chinese New Year of 2005, I hypnotized Anpei as she had requested.

Anpei soon entered a trance. She was different from others whom I had
hypnotized before. Anpei was always very happy during hypnosis. She
looked very happy at all times and at one time she kept saying, "I want
to fly! I don't want to go down to the human realm! I want to fly to

First, Anpei entered her life in Turkey. In the royal palace of Turkey,
she was a princess surrounded by many palace maids dancing in colorful
costumes to celebrate her twentieth birthday. The queen was making the
birthday arrangements in the royal palace. The palace maids and guards
were busily serving the king, the royal family and honored guests from
neighboring countries. The entire royal palace was merry and festive.
Followed by group of palace maids, the princess came before the king
and the queen. She paid them respect and thanked them for bringing her
up and for arranging such a grand party. In that life, the princess
grew up within the high walls of the royal palace, admired by the
Turkish people and protected and loved by her royal parents. She had
everything she could have wanted, except the freedom to leave the royal

Next she entered another life in Europe when she was a European
noblewoman. She spent her leisurely life in pursuit of freedom and
literature. She had a lot of good friends who were writers and poets.
One of them was the famous novelist Ernest Hemingway. They often got
together to discuss news, poetry, literature, novels and art. She often
sat in cafés in the streets of Paris, drinking coffee with Hemingway.
She enjoyed a very leisurely, romantic and free lifestyle in that life.

Next she entered another life in China. She was the famous Immortal
Woman He (何仙姑), one of the Eight Immortals living on the Penglai
Mountain-Island (蓬�仙境) in the East Sea! [Note: The traditional Chinese
dance of "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea" was performed in New
Tang Dynasty Television's (NTDTV) 2005 Global Chinese New Year Gala in
New York City.] She was riding on clouds with a lotus flower and a
basket in her arms. There was a living golden fish in the basket that
was jumping around. The fish had a strong predestined relationship with
her. It looked like it could communicate with her with its eyes. After
the golden fish communicated with her, Immortal Woman He released it in
a divine pond surrounded by clouds and fog. Then the golden fish
descended to the human realm. Anpei described the natural landscape on
the Penglai Mountain-Island and the jokes she had shared with the other
seven immortals. She described in detail Philosopher Han Xiang's (韓湘�)
beautiful flute echoing over the entire Penglai Mountain-Island. She
began to sing a happy tune along with Philosopher Han Xiang's flute
music. She also described the dialogue she had with the other seven

I would never have thought that the hypnosis would reveal that Anpei
used to be Immortal Woman He! It was a pity that I was shell-shocked
and ecstatic at the time that I completely forgot to dictate or
audio-record the content of the described conversation among the Eight
Immortals! I also forgot to write about it immediately afterwards, so I
have forgotten everything. What a pity!

Finally, she entered her life in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 A.D.)
when she was an elderly Taoist cultivator on a secluded mountain in
beautiful Jiang Nan (or the southern part of the lowest reaches of the
Yangtze River.) The elderly Taoist's hair and long beard were
completely  white. He often practiced Taoist cultivation excises,
sitting meditation and sword. There were two small boys serving him.
There were towering old pine trees on top of the giant rocks. There was
a tall waterfall between the cliffs that came straight down. It was
truly a divine land with divine Taoists.

I have learned from the hypnosis that Anpei's talent in literature,
graceful demeanor, elegant deposition and lofty character might have to
do with her previous lives as a princess, a nobleman, a female deity
and a Taoist. Anpei is always surrounded by many friends. Her cheerful
character is very contagious. When she encountered difficulties,
someone would always come to offer his assistance. It might be because
she had been a cultivator in previous lives, or because she had done
few bad deeds, or because her father had accumulated a lot of virtue
for her…

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