Exploring Cycles of Incarnation: An Arhat, a Greek Prince, an Emperor and a Pirate

Hang Ming

PureInsight | February 13, 2006

[PureInsight.org] It was on a
very cold Sunday in eastern US. About one week ago, a friend of mine
asked me to perform hypnosis on one of his relatives, who had come all
the way from Europe specifically for it. So I had to leave home and go
to my friend’s house despite the freezing temperature. My subject is a
Christian. He had heard about the stories of incarnation from my
friend, and wanted to try it out for himself. He thought that there
were so many unsolved mysteries in life and many things that could not
be explained clearly in Christianity.

He went into a hypnotic state rather quickly. Not long after, he flew
into the sky. He circled above Spain and then he went to Greece. There
he circled above an island. It was really beautiful, he exclaimed, and
he said the most wonderful scenery on earth was no comparison to the
scenery in heaven. Above the blue sea was the vastness of clear sky.
Among the white clouds, there were many cherubs with silver wings
flying up and down. He had never seen so many cherubs around him! They
floated effortlessly in glittering silver light and followed him

He continued to circle above the island and was unable to come down. As
the night fell, however, dark clouds began to gather; and as the dark
clouds began to thicken, he also started to descend. The scenery of the
island gradually became more and more visible to him and eventually he
descended into a palace. This magnificent palace had a very high
ceiling and the decorations and furniture were antique. He saw himself
in armour and with a long sword at his waist, walking up the stairs.
There were torches burning brightly along both sides of the stairs. The
atmosphere in the palace was solemn and stately. He then went into the
main hall. There was a party going there and the place was full of
dignitaries. He saw the Queen sitting there. She was wearing a long
white skirt and looked dignified and majestic. He went up to her and
knelt down in front of her on one knee. The Queen touched his head as
if she knew him very well. Then they both went up to the second floor
where the royal guards offered him some water. He saw himself sitting
right next to the King. He realised that he was the prince of the Greek
kingdom. Later on, he succeeded to the throne and became the King.

Next, he was in the Song dynasty in ancient China. At the time, he was the Crown Prince and eventually became the Emperor.

Later on, while he was in the Ming dynasty, I asked about his
relationship with the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi. He said
that they were walking together in a very pretty garden and there were
Mr. Li, himself and his brother in his present lifetime. The eaves of
the buildings and the long corridors were all curving upward and the
rooftops were colourful. The palace was built on the natural landscape
and was arranged immaculately.

He was walking in the front, followed by the Crown Prince, and his
brother was walking last. They went from place to place in the garden.
In that lifetime, Mr. Li was the Crown Prince and he was the younger
brother of the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince later on succeeded to the
throne and became the Emperor. He stood right next to and guarded the
seated Emperor who looked majestic and

In another lifetime, he was a pirate in Finland. They were out on the
sea. He saw himself standing on the top deck of the ship. His wife,
wearing white clothes and skirt, was also on the deck holding a child,
looking at him with much love. This journey had not been easy. As the
ship sailed on the deep sea, the sky began to darken and the clouds
started to gather and thicken. A huge wave came over and toppled all
the wine barrels in the cabin. But they did not panic and battled the
storm for the whole night. At sunrise, the storm gradually subsided.
They all felt exhausted and wanted to rest, but they were running out
of food and water so they had to go ashore. The ship also needed to be
repaired. So after a short rest, they sailed the ship towards
Stockholm. An interesting thing was, he said, that the ship is now
being kept in a maritime museum in Stockholm for the tourists to see.

He then went to the beginning of the Republic of China (in the early
1900s). He was an intellectual at the time. One day, as he was walking
on the street, a very pretty lady walked past him and he was very much
attracted to her. He went up to her, took off his hat and introduced
himself to her very politely. Then they started seeing each other. It
felt like as if they had known each other for years and they had much
to talk about. She soon became his lover and they married each other.
It was a happy marriage and they had a son. However, things in life are
never as expected. All too soon, the Japanese invaded China and they
were forced to evacuate with the masses, fleeing towards the safer
southwestern part of China. On the way there, they lost each other.
After many years, she became old. He saw her living in a small town
south of the Yangtze River. She was combing her hair in a well-kept
house. They were eventually reunited after many years. They felt very
emotional and sentimental about the unpredictability of life.

Later, he told me that he had gone to the heaven. I thought this was a
great opportunity not to be missed, so I asked him: "Can you take a
look at the paradise you were in before coming to the world?"

He told me that he saw many arhats donned in red robes, all baring one
shoulder, and they were reciting the Buddhist scriptures together. The
atmosphere was solemn and august. Sitting in the middle was a senior
arhat, also wearing the same robe. All the arhats were bald-headed. He
was sitting right next to the senior arhat. The houses in heaven only
had walls and there were no roofs and everything was golden. The Lord
of the heaven gave him a holy mission, which he knelt down to accept
happily. It was the greatest mission since the formation of the
universe – to follow the Lord and come to the human world to save
sentient beings. His Lord was Mr. Li. He was very proud to be given
such a mission. At the same time, however, amidst all the admiration
and expectations of the sentient beings, he felt a little sad. He saw
himself holding a tablet that felt like it’s some sort of an agreement,
and he was also wearing a golden plate on the front of his chest.

After accepting the mission, he started his journey of descent.
Standing on the cloud, he came down one level after another. After the
first level, there would be some stairs on the second level down; and
after the second level, there would be stairs on the third level down
and so on. He descended through many levels and went through numerous
worlds and paradises. The universe was indeed boundless and so
wondrous! At every level, there were heavenly beauties and they were
very pretty; and all the paradises looked glorious and splendid.
Sometimes he would be walking on some stairs in the clouds and saw many
heavenly beauties dressed in female oriental clothes and they were
floating about. The scenery was different at each level. He was
surprised to see cows in heaven and they were all golden. He felt he
had walked in the clouds and descended for a long time.

His first stop on earth was ancient China. It was indeed a land graced by gods and where the culture of mankind was created.

He saw that he had become a teenager. A horse-carriage came and took
him away. There were four horses in front and four horses behind. This
was a time before the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States
Period in ancient China (before 720 BC).

Later, he became an intellectual and was the tutor for Crown Prince Fu.
Prince Fu was studying. His books were made of bound bamboo tablets
with words written on them. Prince Fu later became the Emperor. He had
a lot of respect for the tutor and let him sit right next to the

Later, he saw that he had participated in a battle. The battlefield was
near the Henan province in China, and the countries which took part
included Lu, Qi and Qin. He saw the battle flags fluttering in the
wind. One flag had a big Chinese character "Lu" written on it. Before
the battle began, people were having a meeting in a big tent and there
were also people coming into the tent to report on the situation
outside. He saw himself drawing lots and cast a lot on the ground. The
battle was very fierce and many died. After the battle, he went to look
for an acquaintance among the piles of dead bodies. After a long
search, however, he was unable to locate the body and he felt

Later, he was in Greece again. The Greek palace was at the seaside and
there were long corridors and the sand was very soft. He had a good
life during that lifetime. He had a little boy and he often enjoyed
taking the boy for walks. The Queen was very beautiful. She wore a long
skirt that touched the ground and she had a hat on. Later, he went for
a stroll on the beach with the Queen at sunset. The view on the beach
was very beautiful; along with the sky and water, there was the vast
universe in view. It was truly uplifting. However, happiness in the
human world is short-lived. The young King soon became an old man. He
wasn’t as healthy and handsome as before. Later, he saw the King dying
and there were many people standing around his bedside. They surrounded
him and were all feeling very sad. A coffin was carried into the
bedroom. Later on, he saw his own dead body and his soul floated onto
the ceiling. He saw the royal servants busily managing his funeral and
placed his dead body into a black coffin. The coffin was then taken to
a valley to be buried. He sat on top of the mountain and was looking
down at all these activities and wondering what the fuss was all about.

Later, he saw himself returning to heaven and then descended again. He
saw many Eastern and Western paradises that were presided over by
Buddhas and Gods. He also saw many cherubs again. There were so many of
them, flying up and down effortlessly. It was truly wonderful.

He then said he was very tired from looking and felt very hungry. I
said to him: "Hurry up and say hello to the cherubs, and if you want to
return, please do so." He then retuned.

After returning, he said he was very hungry and felt light-headed. For
a while, he would be touching the position of his third eye, scratching
his head or touching his eyes. He said the experience was very
interesting and was surprised to find that during the hypnosis, he was
fully conscious and was able to hear people making phone calls upstairs
and downstairs, and the sound of their footsteps. He said it felt like
watching a movie - one moment he was here and the next moment he was
somewhere else. He was able to view what he wanted to see, and it felt
like as if he was right there in the scenes, except there was no sound.
He said he would forget his own name sometimes.  

He said: "This is really an eye-opening experience. Reincarnation
really exists. The vast universe is so mysterious and wondrous. I
didn’t realise that I had such a strong predestined relationship with
Falun Gong. I shall not forget my mission and the pledge that I

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