Keeping Up with the Progress of Fa-rectification: Evil Naturally Disappears When We Get Rid of Human Mentality

Falun Gong Practitioners in Prison in China

PureInsight | March 26, 2006

[] (Los Angeles Fahui, 2006) Greetings, Honorable Master. Greetings, all fellow practitioners.

We, representing all practitioners being illegally imprisoned in the
prisons, the forced labor camps, and brain-washing classes in China,
extend our greetings to benevolent Master, and wish the Fa Conference

The following article is written by practitioners illegally imprisoned
in China in very harsh environments. It went various hands before
reaching us. In accordance with those practitioners' request, we edited
the article, skipped the parts that may endanger practitioners' safety,
and are publishing it as below.

In the past one year, practitioners in our area did a lot work to
expose the persecution of those practitioners who have been illegally
imprisoned: distributed truth clarification flyers to those prisons,
mailed truth clarification materials, especially exposed several
persecution cases, exposed on the web the brutal persecution in prison,
exposed wicked police and people who participated in the persecution,
sent righteous thoughts to those prisons, kept communication with
practitioners in jail through various channels and methods so that
practitioners imprisoned can read Teacher's lectures and the
Fa-rectification progress in time, and can follow closely the
Fa-rectification progress.

Due to the upcoming Los Angeles Fa Experience Sharing Conference, we
asked practitioners to submit articles to the committee, serving as the
report of our local practitioners' Fa-rectification cultivation.

Practitioners in China

Follow Closely the Fa-rectification Progress, Evil Naturally Disappears When We Get Rid of Human Mentality

Greetings to honorable Master!

I'm a practitioner currently being detained in the prison. I would like
to report to Teacher my own cultivation during Fa-rectification, things
I have experienced in the prison, and share with fellow practitioners.

1. Harsh environment, brutal persecution

Prison life is unbearable for ordinary people, and it is hard for practitioners outside to understand and imagine.

Since 2001, practitioners have in and out of the prison where I'm
currently being detained. Till now, there are still around 50
practitioners with prison term spanning from 2 years to 13 years. There
are more than 10 sub-wards to detain practitioners. Each sub-ward (also
called team) detains 5 practitioners.

This prison mainly detains criminals serving longer sentences. Many
criminals are under death sentence with suspension or life sentence.
Most believe in violence. Many people have bad mentalities, and many
are sentenced not just once. Although 95% of them hate the Chinese
Communist Party (CCP) and would swear at the evil party when it is
mentioned, some prisoners will consider their self interest, such as
being able to obtain sentence reduction, awards or good positions, and
will follow the CCP's directions and help the CCP to brutally persecute
Falun Gong practitioners. Especially from 2001 to 2004, most
persecution methods used are listed below:

Disallow sleep. Under wicked police's request and hint, to transform
Falun Gong practitioners, some criminals would not allow practitioners
to sleep for 4 or 5 days. Four or 5 criminals will take turns
monitoring practitioners. In the daytime, they force practitioners to
work and they beat or use cigarettes to burn practitioners.
Practitioners can be locked in a small cell or suffer persecution at
any time. Under that vicious environment, it is very hard to pass

Assign inmates to keep surveillance of Falun Gong practitioners 24
hours a day. Usually each practitioner is assigned at least two inmates
publicly, sometimes there are also inmates secretly doing that. One
time I had 3 inmates to monitor me. And practitioners' behavior is
directly connected to those inmates' sentence reductions and awards.
The prison tolerates inmates to become the tools used by the evil CCP
and police to brutally persecute practitioners.

Force the writing of reports about mind activity every season, every
month, every half-month. Based on practitioner's state, those inmates
monitoring practitioners also need to write such reports, reporting our
behavior, speech, contact and our mind activity.

Force tthe watching of the CCP's slanderous videos every Tuesday for 2
hours. But this type of activity was canceled in 2004 and 2005, because
practitioners take this opportunity to share and transfer Teacher's
lectures. In addition, when the prison asks some practitioner who was
temporarily transformed to give a speech, practitioners would all
question police, shout loudly "Falun Dafa is wonderful", "Truthfulness,
Compassion, Tolerance is wonderful". Afterwards group watching of
videos was not allowed and we were forced to watch those slanderous
video in sub-wards. Soon it was completely canceled.

Use those people who went astray to help transforming practitioners, but it did not work at all.

Disallow relatives' visits and calls. Not allow us to eat with relatives, etc.

2. Firmly cultivate Falun Dafa, study Dafa, cultivate heart and eliminate attachments

Fellow practitioners, it is not easy for practitioners suffering brutal
persecution in the prison to firmly safeguard Dafa and validate Dafa.

Facing those prisoners every day, no matter whether you like it or not,
every day we have contact with them. One sub-ward detains around 120
people, every room contains about 14 people. Many inmates have very bad
thoughts and habits. In such an environment, how do we maintain our own
purity and not be polluted? How to maintain tolerance, calm and
compassion? It is a state that imprisoned practitioners need to
maintain all the time. Teacher said in "Already in The Dao Without
Practicing the Dao", "constantly encountered many tribulations in the
whole life, and repaid his karma. In his whole life, his xinxing is
improved unconsciously", "For an ordinary person it is hard to do."
Practitioners who are imprisoned have a deep understanding of this.

Practitioners detained in prisons all know that only with consistent
studying Fa and doing exercises, can we keep our rock-solid,
diamond-like, indestructible faith. How do we study Fa and do exercises?

Although evil beings monitor practitioners strictly, still some practitioners persist in the right to do exercises.

With the coordination of practitioners outside applying various
methods, almost all of Teacher's lectures and jingwen are transferred
to us. Some practitioners can study Zhuan Falun frequently. Now as for
Teacher's jingwen, I try my best to memorize them. Roughly I can recite
around 60 of Teacher's jingwen from the first one till the end of 2005.
I started memorizing Fa in 2005. I also memorize Hong Yin, Hong Yin
, "Lun Yu", about 60 titles of Zhuan Falun. Every day I recite at
least one article. If chances permit I also read Zhuan Falun,
Essentials for Further Advancement, lectures at different cities, etc.
I can finish reading Zhuan Falun once per week. I can recite most of
Teacher's jingwen published in 2005. The moment I have them, I try to
memorize as much as I can.

After I study Teacher's jingwen published in 2005, I came to the
understanding that each article is related to some cosmic change,
different Fa-rectification progression. I felt the Fa-rectification
progression is pushing forward practitioners quickly. Previously I
would ignore Teacher's greetings to Fa Conference, now I feel that even
a few words of Teacher represents a progression in Fa-rectification. I
no longer ignore them.

The wicked people in the prison came to know we can study Fa, they
tried to search the materials, asked informant to disclose it, etc.
Some practitioners were locked in the small cell. But "while a demon is
one foot tall, a Tao would be one yard high." Evil could not stop the
truth of the cosmos's spread. Even in the harsh environment of prison,
practitioners' righteous thoughts are changing the dimensions around.
As Teacher said in "A Reply to the Dafa Disciples of Peru", "I know
that the difficulties you face will be resolved with the progression of
Fa-rectification and with your maturation and diligent efforts." Some
prison guard said in private that we Falun Dafa practitioners each have
a dedicated electronic dictionary, jingwen and books.

Now those prison guards all want leave a rear door for themselves. Even
the pioneers in persecuting practitioners are now changing. Every time
during required prison search, some prison guards would hint to inmates
or us to hide Falun Dafa jingwen and other materials to avoid their
being found. Inmates no longer treat practitioners like before. No one
wants to be tools used by evil to persecute practitioners. Those
inmates know that if anything happens due to persecution, the prison
guards would use them as scapegoats. Most inmates know Falun Gong
practitioners are good people. Some prison guards said in private that
they do not understand why we were sentenced to prison. No matter
whether it's prison guards or inmates, the majority think persecuting
Falun Gong is wrong.

Our human attachments are also being eliminated along the way. Teacher
said, "sometimes you will do well, and sometimes you won't know what to
do." ("A Reply to the Dafa Disciples of Peru") This is our situation.

During the truth clarification, some people's mindset is very vicious,
some of their speech is extremely virulent. They swear at the CCP, but
they do not accept Falun Gong. Even for those people, practitioners
need to treat them with compassion. About half a month ago, one day a
sentence suddenly came to my mind, "See the human world with eyes of
compassion, Then are you freed from the spell of delusion." (Hong Yin)
I felt some kind of thorough relaxation. I immediately enlightened that
Dafa has no enemy, practitioners' righteous thoughts "frightens all
evil, and the light of Truth it emanates makes the unrighteous elements
in all beings' thoughts disintegrate." ("Also in a Few Words")

For those inmates and prison guards around me, regardless of their
previous and current attitudes towards Falun Dafa and practitioners and
how they behave, I do not have any hatred. Rather I have compassion. I
do not take ordinary people as the enemy. They are all ones that I need
to clarify the truth to and save. Teacher said in "Fa-Rectification and
Cultivation", "when the evil uses people, they usually aren't aware of
it themselves". I use compassion to suppress their wicked side to Dafa
so that they will not commit sins against practitioners. Whether those
people can be saved or not depends on their own choice. That is my

For practitioners in prison, some are very diligent, some slack off.
After sharing, we all realize that. But realizing it does not mean we
can do it. That is one reason that our levels in cultivation are
different. During sharing, some practitioners show strong self,
pointing fingers at each other. Sometimes we are not calm. Sometimes we
create barriers. Sometimes we use the excuses of different cultivation
paths and different forms to cover our own attachments. Sometimes we
clearly know about the attachment but we can not give it up. Some think
they are following the Fa to do things and to enlighten and will find
some basis from Fa as excuses to deceive themselves. After many
sharings, we can jump out of self's human notions and face the issues
from a new angle. A great god walking on the path towards consummation
will not use ordinary people's human notions to cover attachments.

In "Congratulatory Message", Teacher gave practitioners great honor,
"future Fa-Kings." I am thinking how can I stand for "future Fa-kings"?
I thought about Teacher's jingwen and I came to understand that during
sharing with practitioners we also need to consider our approach,
wisdom and compassion. Since sharing is a very good opportunity for us
to improve, we need to be considerate. When keeping some bias for
practitioners or criticizing practitioners' shortcomings, the energy
field is not compassionate. This field is also material, the other
person may feel it. Especially when criticizing practitioners, the
effect is not good and sometimes it is even opposite. Teacher pointed
out clearly in "Further Understanding", "what you do then, with a pure
heart, will be the best and most sacred." When I see a practitioner's
issue, I try to share with him peacefully and improve together.
Previously I often thought about others' shortcoming, but now I can
care about practitioners. I can see and remember the difficulties that
practitioners encountered in cultivation and life. I try my best to
help them, and the environment around me is even more compassionate.
Through sharing, practitioners understand that when issues happen we
need to correct and do it better in stead of criticizing. Now inmates
and prison guards feel that we practitioners are one body.

Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005 (Lecture and Q&A)",

"So long as you, a Dafa disciple, do things righteously, you will
transform the environment around you, and you will change people. You
don't need to say that much. My Dafa is taught to today's Dafa
disciples, not to ordinary people, and you shouldn't get overly
concerned about what people think. As long as you walk straightly your
own cultivation path here in the human world, everyone will see you in
a positive light."


When I read it again, I have some deep understanding while recalling
what happened on me and practitioners. In the prison, those inmates and
prison guards all use magnifying glass or microscope to judge
practitioners, use their own standards to judge who are true Falun Gong
practitioners, who are fake ones. They call those who were transformed
and wrote Four Statement fake Falun Gong practitioners. They call those
who are firm and underwent tribulations true practitioners.

3. Coordinate as one body, expose persecution

Practitioners detained in each sub-ward have formed as one body.
Inmates respect us and they can not understand how practitioners coming
from different areas, with different careers and educations, not
knowing each other before, can become like one family.

The prison does not allow practitioners to speak to each other. But
most of us, against pressure, nullified the old forces' arrangement and
speak to each other very often. Afterwards prison guards ignored it,
inmates ignore it most of the time. Some inmates said "please avoid it
when the officers come." One inmate told me that as long as we do not
talk about Falun Gong, and he does not really care what we actually
talk about. Practitioners become more and more mature and can deal well
with variety of complicated people and matter.

To reduce the evil's persecution, practitioners outside prison also
make huge efforts. They disclose the persecution all the time, which
scares the evil forces. Some persecution activities were canceled. This
fully shows the effect of one body.

4. Send righteous thoughts to eliminate evil, clarify truth and save sentient beings

Under benevolent Teacher's guidance and protection, purified by Falun
Dafa, practitioners have done better in cultivation, become more
mature. We use the wisdom cultivated from Dafa to clarify truth and
save sentient beings.

Although the evil forces look very vicious from the surface, they
function weaker and weaker. We have been sending righteous thoughts
together everyday at noon time 12:00 p.m. and at night 6:00 p.m. Other
time is by individual's schedule. Practitioners in the same sub-ward as
I are doing well. For those practitioners being persecuted, we also add
the thought to eliminate the persecution upon them.

We are all very firm. Each year prisoners are required to fill an
inspection form. One column is "acknowledge guilt & serve the
sentence". Practitioners all write "innocent". The prison ignores it.
They can do nothing. The form is useless.

Now we mainly talk about Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to
clarify the truth. For people around us, with our truth clarification,
more people withdrew from the CCP. Other sub-wards are undergoing the
same changes.

The environment has changed a lot. This is due to Fa-rectification
progression and practitioners' efforts. More and more people in the
prison are against the persecution and are helping practitioners,
choosing their own futures. The majority of inmates treat Dafa and
practitioners righteously.  They said, "I wish Falun Gong
practitioners have guns. I want to overthrow the CCP with you guys."
Inmates are swearing at the CCP anytime anywhere. They think what the
CCP says is all lies.

Many people around us choose the method fitting him and ask us to save
them. For those people, we need to apply wisdom and use the approach
they can accept to clarify the truth. Now some inmates started doing
Falun Gong exercises, some withdrew from the CCP. The whole environment
has changed a lot. People become more and more clear minded. Evil can
do nothing to Dafa and practitioners. We will for sure not let down our
responsibilities and mission, walk well our cultivation path with
righteous thoughts, be real "future Fa-Kings".

5. Thoroughly deny the old forces' persecution

I thought, Why are there still many practitioners being illegally
sentenced, illegally detained?" We have our own factors, but Teacher
mentioned in "Rationality", "Getting arrested is not the purpose.
Validating Dafa is what's truly magnificent." Teacher also said, "Even
though we don't acknowledge the old forces' existence or arrangements,
they have done what they've done." ("Walk Straight Your Path") How to
deny the old forces' arrangement, against this persecution, how to save
practitioners illegally imprisoned, this is an issue we are facing now.
I enlightened to the fact that we can use various ordinary people's
laws and our relatives can stand up to expose the persecution, asking
for the release of practitioners and punishment of the true culprit.

Practitioners, now is the time to thoroughly eliminate all evil factors
and demons in our dimensional fields. The further surface the evils are
on, the weaker they are. We have not eliminated all of them, thus they
still commit sins and cause damage and barrier to practitioners' saving
sentient beings. Although Fa-rectification cultivation is hard, as long
as we follow Teacher, with righteous act and righteous thoughts, we
have reached today.

Teacher said "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When
it's impossible to do, you can do it." (Zhuan Falun) I propose rescuing
illegally detained practitioners from all grounds.

I finish my article with Teacher's poem, "Don't Be Sad", (Hong Yin II)

"Your body lies in prison - don't be sorrowful, don't be sad

With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, Fa is here

Calmly reflect on how many attachments you have

As you get rid of human mentality, evil naturally disappears"

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