A Child with Gratitude

Wei Kun

PureInsight | April 2, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Although I am
almost 50 years old, in a lot of ways I still behave like a child who
goes to his parents for help and comfort after losing a fight outside
the home. My younger brother, who is five years younger than me,
developed some old-age spots on his face last year. My older brother
who is one year older than me had a stroke. I, on the other hand, look
much younger than my age. My skin is still smooth and soft. If I dress
myself in stylish clothing, people tell me I look to be my 30's. The
reason for my youthful appearance is that I rely on five sets of Falun
Gong exercises and my Master. I am a lucky child who is on my way to
return to my original self.

I am indeed like a child who needs a strong and powerful shoulder to
lean on. The Chinese saying "You should treat a person who was your
teacher for even one day as your father for the rest of your life"
roots deeply in my heart. I have the Master to support me. The support
is very strong. In my dreams, when some evil beings attacked me,
fortunately, I remembered to call on Master for help and to shout out
"Master Li Hongzhi." As soon as I did that, the evils disappeared

In the past, I did not want to let others know how I felt. I was afraid
they would laugh at me. When I felt symptoms of the Meniere's disease
that I used to suffer from, I murmured to myself, "I have this strong
source of support to protect me. I am a disciple of Master Li Hongzhi.
I am a Falun Gong practitioner. You cannot move me." Just like that, I
broke through the tribulation, and I haven't felt any symptom from the
disease since then.


I am a happy child. I live a very frugal life to save money so I can
travel to other countries outside of Taiwan and clarify the truth of
Falun Gong to Chinese tourists there. I believe that there are children
like me everywhere in the world; at least, there are 100 million

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