Getting Rid of Mind Set of Not Thinking Highly of Others' Opinions

A Dafa Practitioner from Taiwan

PureInsight | April 2, 2006

[] When my child
was injured and needed several stitches, fellow practitioner Xiao Hui
told me about the experience of her child. Her child had also been
injured and required stitches. After the stitches were removed, it left
a large scar because she had not paid enough attention and hadn't taken
proper care of the wound. I gave her words very little thought. I
thought to myself, "I consider my child a cultivator. He has gone
through many sickness karma releases since he was little. I don't need
to care about it. Nothing will happen."

After my son's stitches were removed, his wound indeed opened back up
more and more each day. I felt very bad and didn't know what to do.
Should I behave like an ordinary person and have a doctor to look at
him? I wasn't feeling quite right about it. Finally, I took advice from
Xiao Hui and bought some tape for the wound and the wound eventually
healed itself. Xiao Hui then told me that she had really felt a lot of
pain when her child's scar became larger and larger. After listening to
her experience, I felt truly sorry. When she gave me her advice
initially, she was just being kind and didn't want my child to suffer
unnecessarily. But I wasn't aware of her kindness and refused to heed
her caution.

I thought that there was a lesson that I was supposed to learn from the
experience. I believed Teacher had made the arrangement to enlighten me
to something. At the beginning, I couldn't think what I was supposed to
learn from it. I knew that Teacher wanted me to learn more than how to
care for a child's wound. After several days, I still couldn't
enlighten to it. I shared this whole experience with fellow
practitioners in our study group. Later when I sent forth righteous
thoughts, I suddenly enlightened to it.

It was the compassion! Teacher told us that we were all cultivating at
different levels. I always reminded myself not to have preconceived
notions when fellow practitioners had different thoughts or different
way of doing things. I originally thought that all I needed to do to
understand fellow practitioners' ways of doing things at their levels.
But that was a very shallow understanding. Teacher says:

"Without 'nothing,' it is a human feeling. If it is a human feeling, then it's not bei (compassion)."

After going through this episode, I see my own mindset of "not
accepting other's opinion," which prevented me from seeing the good
intention of the fellow practitioner. Because I had the mentality of
ordinary people, I couldn't treat the fellow practitioner with

I am grateful to Teacher's compassion for arranging this event to allow
us to make progress together. Since we are still cultivating, we have
many inherent behavior patterns and sometimes do not recognize our own
attachments. Actually, every cultivator has his or her own special
qualities. When a fellow practitioner doesn't have certain attachment,
he or she can quickly become aware when others have that attachment.
When a fellow practitioner points out our own attachment, we should
judge it based on the Fa and think about it. That way, we can quickly
get rid of it.

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