The Chinese Communist Party: A Weapon of Mass Destruction

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | May 28, 2006

[] This
organization, headed by soulless fiends, has murdered millions of
people over the years of its ill-conceived and ill-fated reign. That in
itself is bad enough - but even worse is the sad truth that the
ideology this group has indoctrinated its society with has destroyed
people's minds and souls, to the point that the common man in China can
no longer distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, proper from
improper, honesty from fakery, truth from lies. The CCP's years of
breeding distrust of anything noble and good among the citizenry has
cost a whole nation their values, their grand historic heritage, their
contribution to the world of literature, science, architecture, art and
music. Moreover, driven by greed and personal interests, corruption in
managing huge public projects and misuse of funding and resources,
large-scale embezzlement and blithe pollution of the environment is so
great that the very health and safety of millions of citizens in China
is at stake. The Party holds the notion that a well-placed bribe here
and there, and a little graft over there will solve many an
embarrassing probe into wrongdoing. All these officially sanctioned
transgressions are further weapons of mass destruction - destroying
people's conscience! The unscrupulous Party promotes fraud, lying and

Other wrongdoings the Party is guilty of are many - hunting those who
voice their disagreement with the Party line; oppressing those who are
in the way of the status quo; simply making those disappear who might
cut into huge profits of some state enterprise; imprisoning others who
insist the Chinese Constitution be upheld, such as people of conscience
who dare to expose the criminal nature of the system. There is yet
another aspect of this weapon of mass destruction - promoting
dishonesty as efficiency!

This Party openly hunts down and severely torments, mistreats and
openly abuses any citizen who stands in the way of the Party's agendas.
The suffering citizenry include any decent individuals who dare to
stand on their human rights, such as farmers, people whose wages are
deliberately withheld or who are underpaid; ethnic minorities, people
who wish to practice their belief system according to the Chinese
constitution, such as Christians and Falun Gong members, people who
have been wrongfully imprisoned or capriciously fired from their jobs;
people whose lands have been confiscated; people who protest gross
environmental abuses where they live, particularly the poisoning of the
water systems; others who are subject to counterfeit or unsafe products
of any kind; those whose safety at their place of work is ignored;
people from whom the regime's agents have stolen or misappropriated
uncounted sums of money, often their life savings.

The latest incident of the Party's fiendish designs has come to light -
dealing in human organs harvested from living people, the majority of
them unconstitutionally incarcerated Falun Gong practitioners. The
Communist regime is running concentration camps for the sole purpose of
making huge amounts of money on the international organ harvesting and
organ transplant market. How those who actually work for such
unimaginable horror can function as human beings is beyond me. It seems
that the physicians, technicians, the drivers who transport the organs,
the guards and other employees at these camps are demons in human form
that still temporarily live on earth. Their souls must already be in
hell. The Party is to blame for this latest horror - it has completely
stripped people of their ability to think for themselves and make
independent decisions; impotent to resist such aberrations and has
removed people's last vestiges of conscience.

That is the Party's biggest crime - to have created a soul-less,
puppet-like populace. Falun Gong is trying to change that. It is an
undertaking the Party fears most: to lose control over depravity and be
upstaged by people who have rediscovered morals and integrity. These
soulless Communist rulers who have ordered the persecution of Falun
Gong, a system of belief that changes people from state controlled
automatons into good, conscientious human beings, fear the demise of
their fiendish, morally bankrupt system. These quasi-humans now realize
that no matter how colorful the deceptions they concoct and no matter
how numerous their acts of depravities and murder, oppression and
transgressions against humanity, their days are numbered.

The gods are observing, sorting and deciding. We can only hope decision time will come soon.

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