Shelter for Life: Introduction

PureInsight | June 5, 2006

[] According to
a recent media report, a tragedy took place on April 19, 2006 in Suzhou
City of China.  When a seven-year old boy saw his five-year old
sister falling into river, he neither tried to save her nor asked for
help.  He let his sister drown in the river.  When he was
asked why he did that, he replied, "To live is to suffer, why save

The boy's name is Liu Hui. He had moved to Suzhou from Shangdong
Province with his parents and sister several years ago.  Later his
parents divorced.  The father is a drunk.  Liu Hui and his
sister had to live with their elderly grandparents who were nearly
sixty years old.  The elderly grandparents had no regular income
and made a little money by fishing. They raised the grandchildren in
hardship. Their lives became especially bad in 2006.  They were
even unable to put enough food on the table. The two children had to
pick up food that people had thrown away on the ground floors or stole
fruits from fruit vendors to feed themselves.  

When one has no hope for life from the bottom of one's heart, it is the
saddest thing.  The news report makes a lot of people feel sad.
How could a little boy feel so hopeless about living?

There is an ancient Chinese saying, "If one has no long-term
considerations, he is bound to experience trouble in his daily
life."  It applies to an individual and to a society, too.

When a person only worries about or indulges in his current self-
interest, he does not realize that danger is approaching him. 
When a society is only seeking fame and self-interest, disaster is

When a society only focuses on money, self interest and indulges in
creature comforts, it is unconsciously walking towards a decline. 
People's low level of thoughts and the behavior of their offspring
reflect the decline.  It is unvoidable.

There is a Chinese saying, "From how a child behaves when he is 3, one
can tell how he will be when he grows up. From how a child behaves when
he is 5, one can tell how he will be when he is an old man." A person's
behaviors and words reflect his inner mind.  The state of young
people in a society can reflect how good or bad the society has become.

It is easier to save money and assets for oneself.  But it is more
difficult to accumulate enough wealth so it can be passed to the next
generation. It is a bigger unknown whether our next generation will be
able to lead happy and productive lives.

From the bottom of our hearts, if we can choose, do we want our next
generation to be able to live in a society where all people are kind,
or an environment where people are cold towards each other and conspire
to hurt each other?

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