Go Beyond the Boundaries Delimited by Taiwan's Blue and Green Party Politics

Dafa Practitioner from Taiwan

PureInsight | July 2, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Practitioners
have discussed the issue of Taiwan's Blue and Green parties several
times (translator's note: in Taiwan the Democratic Progressive Party
(DPP) is known as the Pan-Green. The Kuomintang Party (KMT) or
Nationalist Party and its spin-off People First Party (PFP) are known
as the Pan-Blue). In the past I knew that I also had notions and
attachment to this issue. But I neither paid close attention to it, nor
did I look inward to examine my attachment. In the end, inconceivably,
it seemed that I had forgotten about my problem concerning this issue.

After listening to Master's teaching to Taiwanese practitioners, I feel
that the issue of Taiwan's Blue and Green Parties involves not only me
individually, but also involves a large number of Taiwanese
practitioners. It has to do with Taiwanese Dafa practitioners not
having upgraded our xinxing
well as a whole. As the Fa-rectification period is close to the end,
the fact that Taiwanese practitioners as a whole have not abandoned
their attachment to the issue of the Blue and Green parties and could
not go beyond the limitations posed by ordinary people's notions on
this issue is something that Master is very concerned about.

How have I been able to dig out my attachment to this issue, which was
something hidden deep in my heart on the most microcosmic dimension?

I remember that more than thirty years ago, sometimes after I
accompanied my children to watch cartoon shows or dramas on TV, later
on I often replayed what I had watched in my mind or in my dreams
again. At that time, I asked myself why I would put those fictional
images which convey all kinds of happy, angry or sad emotions into my
mind. Since then, I have tried to maintain a pure mind and not think
about too many things in my mind.

During the recent twenty years, my family has been watching news on a
regular basis. I often watch along with them. But usually I forgot
everything I watched after the program was over. It seemed that my
brain instinctively didn't want to remember those things. Therefore I
didn't have any specific impressions of any political figure. My
husband often made fun of me, saying that I was too simple-minded. The
situation lasted until I started to cultivate in Dafa. Since then, from
time to time I heard certain political figures support Falun Gong, and
I began to remember their names. Once when I was watching the news, I
saw a politician who was handsome, elegant and seemingly virtuous.
Because he supports Falun Gong, I started to pay attention to him and
other political figures unconsciously.

My children have all grown up. They enjoy watching political commentary
programs on TV.  When I walked by the TV and heard certain
politician's names being mentioned, I would stop and watch the program.
Thus, I have been gradually influenced by what I've heard, but I was
not aware of it. Whenever I heard the TV commentators saying a certain
politician was good or bad, my heart would be moved. Even though I was
influenced just slightly, I was thinking with ordinary people's
thoughts after all.


Master wants us to do Three Things well. Even though I have been doing
what I am supposed to do, I have not been able to do the most
fundamental thing well, which is to upgrade my xinxing
and to let go of my fundamental attachment. I am even reluctant to
abandon some of my attachments. How can I go back to Heaven this way? I
really feel too ashamed to face our great Master. I am sharing my
understanding here with fellow practitioners of Taiwan. We should not
let the barrier of the Blue and Green parties impede our efforts to
save sentient beings and fulfill our pre-historic grand vows. We should
walk every step righteously on the course of cultivation and go back to
our real homes by following Master closely!

In the end, I want to quote Master's poet "In Dao" from Hong Yin (unofficial translation) to share with fellow practitioners:

 Present but the mind is not-

          No dispute with the world.

 Seeing but seeing not-

          Not lost, not tempted.

 Hearing but hearing not-

          A mind hard to disturb.

 Eating but tasting not-

          A mouth freed from attachment.

 Doing but pursuing not-

          Constantly dwelling in Dao.

 Quiet but thinking not-

          The mystical and wondrous may be seen.

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