Have Faith in Master and the Fa; Be Determined and Solid in Cultivation

A Practitioner in Ireland

PureInsight | August 20, 2006

[PureInsight.org] (2006 Experience Sharing Conference in Ireland)
I first encountered cultivation in Falun Gong during the summer of 1999
from my aunt. My aunt's family members are all Dafa disciples. At that
time I was only 11 years old and did not know clearly what Falun Dafa
was. I was a good boy and my aunt liked me a lot. When I saw my aunt's
family members practising Falun Gong I followed them. After practising
for a while, I would feel relaxed but never tired. When going to my
aunt's home to study the Fa I had so much energy that I would wonder if
someone was pushing me. I shared my experiences with my aunt and we
understood that it was our merciful Master who was helping and
encouraging me to become steadfast in cultivating Dafa. After I entered
middle school, my coursework became very heavy. Adding to this, my lack
of appreciation of the Fa meant that I was not studying the Fa and
practising the exercises daily. This state where I was only half
cultivating lasted for quite a long time until the persecution of Falun
Gong began. I gave up cultivating this universe's Fa.

I came to Ireland in March 2004 and since then I have returned to the
path of cultivation. At the beginning I was doing well with the three
things that our Master has asked. After I found a job, everything
changed. I had to pay a college fee and some other costs to go abroad,
so I borrowed a lot of money. I was hurrying to pay off my debts and
worked hard daily. I didn't have time to do what Fa rectification
period Dafa disciples should do. One year's time was wasted. Thinking
back, I feel unworthy of Master's merciful salvation.

Clarifying truth to Family members

The Nine Commentaries was published at the end of 2004. I saw many
fellow practitoners issuing a statement of resignation from the wicked
party and I also did this. In fact, I didn't clearly understand the
true meaning of doing this. With these thoughts I began to clarify the
facts to my family members. At first I didn't do it from the heart as I
didn't realise that this was rescuing numerous people. Even though I
did encourage them to quit the evil party, I only paid attention to the
form. Because of my sentimentality towards my family members and my
zealous heart, I didn't obtain good results. Through studying the Fa,
sharing with other practitioners and reading related articles on
Minghui. I read the Nine Commentaries again seriously. At last I got a
new understanding about quitting the CCP.

The second time I tried to persuade my family members to quit the evil
party, my state was far better. My heart was pure and clean and my
thoughts were righteous. In addition I followed a certain technique. I
would not ask them to quit the party directly. Our chat started from
the present situation in the Chinese community. Its nature hit my
parents deeply. My mother lost her job seven years ago and didn't
receive any compensation. The factory was sold where my father worked
and he received some compensation but lost his job for ever. He also
didn't have any pension. After that I returned to the the subject of
the evil history of the party. During our talks I tried to make them
remember the past, which had been sealed up for a long time. Everything
they experienced was from the worse periods of the party's persecution.
The wicked party also tried to strengthen their fears and the factors
of the evil party in other spaces in an attempt to stop me from
clarifying the facts. Because of this, I would send forth righteous
thoughts continually. I told them that a person's heart was the most
important thing and that they could quit the CCP using a pen name.
There are 1.3 billion people in China so how could the evil party
identify a single person? I then continued to talk with my family. They
didn't like to listen to me at the beginning but now they were very
quiet. During this change, I realised that the factors of the evil
party were interfering with them less and less. In the end, they quit
the party and now have a chance for a bright future.

After this I clarified the truth continually and encouraged my mother
to tell other relatives. At last she promised to do this and persuaded
all of our relatives to quit the party as soon as possible. My mother
is not a practitioner and tried it only once on her own but didn't have
the confidence to continue. I phoned my aunt, hoping that she would
help my mother. My aunt thought it was a good idea and I arranged to
meet my mother on the internet. When I met my mother, she had a big
smile and told me: "I have a pen and paper and am ready to write." Now
I feel clearly that my mother and my aunt have persuaded all of my
relatives to quit the party.

As a result of their righteous actions a miracle happened a week later.
My mother brought my 84-year-old grandmother to have a physical
examination at a hospital. My grandmother's diabetes had disappeared
and she has fully recovered from illnesses. The news shocked all of my
family. Initially, my family thought that it was a good diet that cured
her illnesses but my father and I think this is quite funny. We know
that it is because my grandmother says "Falun Dafa is good" and "Zhen,
Shan, Ren is good" every day.

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