Letting Go Of Being Attached To Computer Games and Catching Up With Fa Rectification

A Falun Gong Practitioner in Ireland

PureInsight | August 30, 2006

[PureInsight.org] (2006 Experience Sharing Conference in Ireland)
I am an Irish Falun Gong practitioner. Although I have cultivated for
quite some time, I have not done well in cultivation. It could even be
said that I have, at times, done poorly. Although it might be a little
late, I have realised this and will strive to make up for lost time and
do well the three things required by Master.

I want to talk about some of my recent understandings in personal
cultivation. Over the past several years, the biggest attachment I have
had was playing computer games. It has hindered my cultivation and made
me waste a lot of time, which could have been used for saving sentient
beings. The problem has affected me since junior-middle school and I
was not been able get rid of it in later years. When I indulged this
attachment, I would not do well the things that should be done by Fa
rectification disciples as arranged by Master. As a result, I would be
tightly controlled by the old forces arrangements.

However, our great and merciful Master gave me another chance and
helped me wake up. One night I had a dream. I forget most of it now but
in the dream I was running continuously out of fear of being killed. I
ran to the top of a mountain, which appeared broad and empty. There
were no trees and the weather was poor. Then, I saw Master. He was
sitting in full lotus with hands in the Jie-Yin position. Master looked
wounded, with knives all over his body. I could not believe my eyes at
the time. I thought: "How is it possible that Master has been wounded?"

Master said something to me, which I now only vaguely remember. Master
said that there was not much time left, and that he would leave and one
should practise cultivation diligently. I immediately became deeply
regretful and felt that I wanted to die. I nearly shouted out: "Master,
please do not leave." After awakening from the dream, I thought it over
and felt very painful in my heart.

I obtained the Fa in 1996. Seeing my mother practising, I followed her
and started to practise also. The practise brought great changes to my
physical body. The appendicitis I had previously disappeared. I also
encountered two incidents where demons came to reclaim debts by taking
my life. The first time one of my legs was rolled over by a motorbike.
At the time, I did not feel pain at all, my trousers were torn and my
skin was only wounded a little. The second time, I was hit by a
fast-moving vehicle, but I was not injured. It was Master who protected

However, in later years because I could not resist contamination by the
big dye vat of everyday people's society and because I had not studied
the Fa a lot, I indulged myself in playing computer games.

A few days after the dream, I was sharing with other practitioners. Up
until then I hadn't realised that a lot of my karma was borne by Master
because I had not done well. How magnificent and merciful Master is!
Since realising this I have felt deep regret in my heart. I will do all
I can to make up for the time I have wasted, to save sentient beings
and do well the three things Master has told us to do.

Originally, I was trained in photography and video editing, but have
not always done well with this. I was often passive when doing the
work. I would not prepare properly when filming a news item or
interviewing a member of parliament. I often did not find out where and
what to film until the day before the interview. I also did not
communicate much with other practitioners who were involved in the
media work. For these reasons, at the time I did not complete a lot of
tasks. The quality of the items was also not quite good. Later, the
practitioner responsible for NTDTV left Ireland. After that, I stopped
filming and interviewing. My Fa study also did not keep up. I did not
read the books, except at group Fa study.

Since having the dream, I have resumed my work. Being assisted by
another practitioner while working with the media, I grasped the
techniques needed to operate the video camera as well as the essentials
needed to make news reports. I have also improved my video editing
skills through self-learning. As a result I filmed very successfully
7.20 anti-torture exhibitions on the street and outside RTE
headquarters. I also successfully completed a piece of TV news.

I also would like to share with you another experience. On the day we
were supposed to film the Rose Festival and some related outdoor
scenery, I have made solid preparations with the help of other
practitioners. I even researched detailed information on the
interviewee. However, I got complacent and thought: "This is great. I
have made so much preparation. The interview will now be very
successful and I can show off my abilities to fellow practitioners."
Shortly after this thought emerged, we ran into a problem.

When filming some scenery outdoors, I set up the tripod on the grass.
Because we were walking and then stopping to film some scenes, the
tripod was not opened completely. While searched my bag for the
interview plan I had prepared, I carelessly hit the tripod with my bag.
At the time, the video camera was still working. The camera fell down
to the ground heavily. My head felt dizzy and I had a bad thought that
the video camera might be broken. I picked it up to examine it and
found it was not working. My heart turned cold.

However, I managed to calm down and think about the situation: "I
should not consider the incident in this way. I am a Dafa disciple.
Good or bad is determined by one thought. It shall not be broken! This
is a Fa treasure used for truth clarification." After my thoughts were
rectified, I returned home and re-examined it immediately. It turned
out that there was only a slight problem with the battery. All other
parts were working fine. I realised that this was severe interference
from the old forces, which was assisted by my unrighteous thoughts. How

Ever since this incident, I place the sentient beings whom I am trying
to save, and clarifying the facts to, as the main priority in my heart
and try to keep down the interference from my human thoughts.

It is of great importance to clarify the truth via the media, which I
have found is interfered with a lot. So, we must walk our path
correctly. I hope that more practitioners can get involved in this type
of work and reinforce the strength of our truth clarification. However,
the prerequisite is that we must study the Fa well. Now I insist on
doing exercises, studying Fa and Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts every
day so that I can keep a compassionate and harmonious heart to save
sentient beings.

There is not much time left. However, it is not that we should
diligently work to save sentient beings so as to complete our
consummation. Instead, we should fulfil our great mission of coming to
this human world and we should assimilate to the universal Dafa and
save sentient beings.

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