Wonderful Experiences

A North America Practitioner

PureInsight | September 9, 2006

[PureInsight.org] When I
received a flute from Teacher, I felt timid. Why? As I had been
involved in music circle for several decades,  I knew that
mastering a particular instrument wasn't a simple matter. It required
training from childhood. One must practice rigorously daily for years.
One might not achieve much even if one devotes one's whole life to it,
not to mention that I was already past 60. Also my teeth are not even,
which might cause air leaks. I wasn't even sure whether I could make a
sound with the flute, not to mention if I could play it well. On the
other hand, having followed Teacher in cultivation for more than a
decade, I knew that everything Teacher does is for the sentient beings
of the universe and us. Since Teacher wants us to form a band; it must
be for the Fa-rectification. I was quite sure I would need to do it.
With a timid mindset, I joined the Divine Land Band and had encountered
many difficulties like everyone else.


What I want to talk about is not how I overcame the difficulty.
Instead, I want to share the two experiencesthat Teacher arranged to
unfold before my eyes that made me aware of the miracle of Dafa.

The first experience: I wasn't chosen to participate in the recording of
three songs. So I went to another location to practice with others who
weren't chosen either. I couldn't concentrate during practice, but not
because I felt embarrassed for not being chosen. I knew I wasn't
playing well enough. I felt something was going to happen. So I decided
not to practice anymore. As soon as I walked out of the door, I heard
sounds of music coming from a distance. I felt I was pushed just a few
steps and I was already in front of the main hall. I listened to the
music motionlessly, just listening. The surrounding sky, the earth, the
mountains, the water, the main hall, and the trees were all listening
silently. Even the wind stopped blowing in order to listen as well.
Silence reigned  everywhere and all listened motionlessly. It was
beyond description in human language. I can only say I heard the music
from heaven, as the human world couldn't have created such divine and
pure sounds.

When the music stopped, I quietly entered the main hall and sat down
not too far from Teacher listening to the next song. The hall was
filled with a benevolent field. It seemed so dense that one could touch
it. When the music sounded, I saw everyone had melted together. It was
so transparent and pure and impossible to tell who was who. It was like
an entity so gentle and smooth giving off brilliant and magnificent
rays. The conductor appeared to be transparent and her graceful motion
was like wielding a light pink ribbon. I was also melted into it.

When the music stopped, Teacher turned around to glance at me.
Instantly, I felt a banging from deep in my heart, an open armed child
appeared, shouting joyfully: Teacher is great! Mighty Teacher! Tears
welled up in my eyes. I realized instantly why it was arranged for me
to listen to such heavenly music. Teacher has not only blasted open my
attachment that stopped me from making progress, but had also let me
witness the majestic Dafa. Once again I gained a deeper understanding
and realized the importance of steadfastly believing in Teacher. I have
deeply felt how painstakingly Teacher arranged everything to save me.
I've lost count how many times this kind of arrangement has happened!
Thank you, our mighty Teacher! Since that day, the quality of my flute
playing has changed. Even though my technique isn't skillful, the sound
has become purer and gentler.

Here is another wonderful experience. The day before we attended the
Strawberry Festival parade in West Virginia, we rode a bus on a bumpy
road for over 10 hours the night before. I was having diarrhea and
didn't eat anything. During the parade, I doubted whether I could
finish the whole parade due to my poor condition and advanced age. As a
consequence, the evil took advantage of my attachment. When the parade
started, my throat felt itchy and I couldn't help coughing
continuously. My position was on the edge of the marching band and was
adjacent to the audience. I thought that I could not let the audience
see me in such a condition, which would disgrace the band. I continued
to send forth righteous thoughts and the coughing stopped. When the
band stopped a short while, I began to feel unwell again in my stomach.
I felt sluggish and my feet were unable to move. I involuntarily looked
ahead and saw the endless line of bands from each country along the
street. I knew we were far from reaching the end. Amid the feeling of
discouragement, I saw Teacher in the crowd! I cried out in my mind:
Teacher! Teacher has appeared numerous times during the times when I
faced tribulations. At that instance, my waist was lifted; my body was
loosening up, and my feet rose from the ground. My head was half a head
higher than the fellow practitioner ahead of me. I was flying off the
ground. I thought to myself I shouldn't be flying. My feet came down at
the thought but didn't touch ground; instead, they were suspended above
ground. Instead of walking, I was floating in the air, but no one could
see my feet not walking on the ground. I knew it was Teacher who was
carrying me along! Under Teacher's strengthening, I was happily blowing
the flute and walked the rest of the distance easily.

Like many fellow practitioners, I have many cultivation stories to tell
to illustrate the majesty of Dafa.  Among these stories, some are
wonderful, some disappointing. Some are about elevating, some about falling. I
could see that Teacher would smile when I elevated and shed tears when
I fell. When I caught up, I saw Teacher smiling with tears. Every time
I saw Teacher, I couldn't take my eyes off him. My mind was so happy as
well as feeling terribly ashamed. I had so many things to say; yet I
had nothing to say. I could only say silently to Teacher: "I will
seriously follow Teacher's footsteps to finish the path of
Fa-validation and wait for Teacher to lead me home."

Translated from:  http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/8/25/39676.html

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