Sories from History: Being Forgiving, Benevolent and Disregarding Other's Mistakes

Hong Yi

PureInsight | November 12, 2006

[] Han Qi was
the Duke of Weiguo and a prime minister during the Song Dynasty. One
day, while he was leading an army in Ding Wu, he was writing a letter
and asked one of his guards to hold a candle next to him. The guard
wasn't careful with the candle and Han Qi's hair caught on fire. Han Qi
quickly wiped out the flame with his sleeve and continued to write as
if nothing had happened. After a while, he noticed that the original
guard had been replaced. Han Qi was afraid that the original guard was
going to be punished. So he hurriedly told the supervising guard,
"Don't replace him. Bring him back. He has already learned how to hold
a candle properly." Everyone in the army admired Han Qi very much.

When Han Qi was guarding the Da Ming Palace, someone presented him with
two precious jade cups and told him, "A farmer found them in a grave,
They have no flaw anywhere inside and out. They are truly unmatched
treasures." Han Qi gave the presenter some platinum to thank him. He
loved the cups very much. Whenever he invited guests to a banquet, the
two jade cups were always placed on a specially set table covered with

One day, an official in charge of water transportation was invited to
attend his banquet. The two cups were brought out. But a guard was
careless and knocked them over. Both of the cups were broken. All the
guests were aghast and the guard knelt down waiting to be punished
severely. Han Qi remained calm and smiled to the guests, saying
"Everything is predestined." He then said to the guard: "You slipped
and didn't do it on purpose. How can it be your fault?" All the guests
praised Han Qi and admired his great tolerance deeply.

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