The Great Chinese Prophecies (20)

Edited by Ming Ao

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[] Chapter Six: Other prophecies

It is said in a poem:

"Heavenly god laid his thought on China; numerous happenings displayed
for five thousand years. The grand play has finally come to the end,
all prophecies can be verified by history."

In addition to the previously discussed five prophesies, there have
been many other prophecies passed around in the mystical land of China
throughout history. Here are a couple more of them to share with
everyone. Only simple explanations will be provided here. If everything
is explained clearly, readers might feel like they're chewing a piece
of wax without any taste. It's better to leave something for readers to

Cang Tou poems of Chunfeng Li (The secret recording of prophecies) Written by Chunfeng Li, a Tai Shi Ling (official title) of the Tang dynasty, and selected from "The Great Chinese prophecies"

[Note from editor: Punctuation has been added by the editor and further
explanations provided in addition to the original explanations.]

On May 19th, the 7th year of Zhen Guan, Tai Zong of Tang asked Chunfeng
Li: "My country has now become relatively stable. You know the Dao and
are proficient in the Study of Changes. Can you tell me who will lose
our country first, who will take power after my dynasty, and which
dynasty will begin. Please tell me one by one."

Li answered: "In order to know the future, one should look back at
history. The virtuous ones stay in control and those who lost virtue
lose. This is the principle which will not change for tens of thousands
of years."

Tai Zong said: "This is not what I am asking. Please, according to the
study /theory of numbers, foretell how many years my dynasty will
enjoy, who will mess up my country, who will take over my country and
last, generation after generation. I want to know the predictions."

Chunfeng replied: "That is a heavenly secret and I dare not disclose it."

Tai Zong said: "Words come out of your mouth and enter my ears. You
only tell me and other people will not know. You must tell me."

Chunfeng said: "I dare not tell."

Tai Zong said: "If you do not tell me, I will not force you. Please come with me to the forbidden palace."

So, Tai Zong escorted Chunfeng to the high tower.

Tai Zong said: "It won't reach heaven above or earth beneath. You can speak to me."

Prophecy - Destruction of Tang Dynasty (Empress Wu Zetian 690 AD)

Chunfeng said: "The person who will destroy our dynasty is right at
your side. Thirty years later, this person will kill off all the
descendents of Tang."

Tai Zong asked: "Is this person a warrior or scholar? You tell me
clearly and I will kill this person to get rid of the trouble for our

Chunfeng said: "This is the will of heaven. How can it be controlled by
human power? This person is in his/her twenties and if you kill this
person, Heaven will definitely bring disaster upon our country and send
another youngster. The descendants of Tang will be in even more

Tai Zong said: "Since Heaven's will is already determined, then please tell me something about the person."

Chunfeng said: "This person has zhi and ge, with two eyes above the sky
(kong) (In Chinese, zhi and ge form the character Wu, which is the
surname of Wu Zetian (The future empress). Her name is Zhao, which
seems to have two eyes (mu) above the character kong (sky). This is
very true.

Tai Zong asked: "Who can suppress the chaos in our country?"

Prophecy - Restoration of the Tang Dynasty

Chunfeng said: "Wen Qu will decend to the human world and be born in a
family of Tofu vendor. He will later become Prime Minister and will
suppress the chaos." (refers to Di Ren Jie.)

Tai Zong saked: "What's this person's last name?"


Chunfeng said: "Heavenly secrets are not allowed to be disclosed or else there will be disaster."

Tai Zong asked: "Will this person be able to control the country after suppressing the chaos?"

Chunfeng said: "Ji and chou has a mouth (kou). A scarf (jin) is not
complete. The Person of Five (Wu Zhe) starts the chaos. (This refers to
Queen Wei's killing. On the top of the character Wei there seems to be
the character wu [five] and the character kou [mouth] is under the Wei.
Then underneath that is an incompletely written character jin [scarf],
which is "A scarf [jin] is not complete.") Fortunately, the five
heavenly stars will descend to human world and settle the chaos (The
five monkeys in the prophesy Tui Bei Tu (the Back-Push Pictures)
diagram are exactly the five heavenly stars).

Tai Zong asked: "Will the world be peaceful after that?"

Chunfeng said: "The first twenty four years will be as good as the time
of Emperors Yao and Shun but, in the latter twenty four years, there
will be a person who will mess up the country. While being in danger
yet it is not dangerous. There is a person with a big mouth, who
succeeds when met with Yang and is finished when met with Guo. " (This
refers to Rebel An Shi. The first 24 years were the time of peace and
prosperity and the latter 24 years were a chaotic period. "One person"
[character ren] plus character kou [mouth] forms the character Shi, who
gained help from Yang Guifei and was put down by Guo Ziyi.)

Tai Zong asked: "Who took power?"

Chunfeng said: "A general of benevolence and justice and a warrior
called Guang took power and governed the country in peace (The
character Yi is made of radical of "person" [ren], which has the same
sound as benevolence, and Yi, which means "justice." This is both a
word puzzle and a way to describe Guo's benevolence and justice. Guang
refers to Li Guang Bi).


Tai Zong asked: "Will there be peace after that?"

Chunfeng said: "It will be somewhat peaceful for fifty years. However,
for sixty years afterwards, a devil king will descend to the world. He
will have sun and moon on his face and kill numerous people with blood
running like a river (this refers to Rebel Huang Chao). Fortunately, a
one-eyed dragon (Li Keyong or Li Yimu) will suppress it. Later on, a
person who hung a curved ruler on a tree (refers to Zhu Wen's usurping
power) starts a chaotic time. At that time, the country will be in
great disorder and people will be starving. In forty years, there will
be five fire boars that successively become the emperors (refers to the
period of Five Dynasties). The Tang dynasty will come to an end and the
country won't belong to Tang then.


Prophecy - Song Dynasty 960-1279

Tai Zong asked: "Who will come to power after that?"

Chunfeng said: "A true dragon will descend to the world, walking with
small moon (refers to the last name of Tai Zu of Song, Zhao, which
consists of the characters zou [walk], xiao [small] and yue [moon] ).
Yang and Fire respond to the need of the time and trees will wear hats
(refers to the title of the Song dynasty; the character Song consists
of a radical for hat on the top and a tree at the bottom). Opening up
the cultural time and awakening the world from the haze, propriety and
music starts and teachings are promoted. The world is in true peace and
accord with the Dao."

Tai Zong asked: "Who will mess up this country then?"

Chunfeng said: "Somebody wants to mess up the country, but the emperor
and officials are all virtuous. Later on, an official comes out to
rectify the chaos and bring peace gradually. Two hundred years later,
there comes a person of spring who deceives the emperor and frames a
loyal and honest person (refers to Qin Hui's bungling the state's
matters). This makes the country's emperor move to another place (Gao
Zong's moving to south). A hundred years later, a king (wang) of people
(ren) with eight (ba) backs (Refers to Jin's invasion of China. The
character jin consists of ren [people], wang [king] and ba [eight])
comes, yet does not control the country."

Prophecy - Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368 and Ming Dynasty 1368-1644

"The one who took power is called Yuan. He wears long hair and has a
flower on his head. Listening to his talking, no one will understand.
Looking at his face, it shows the evilness (refers to Xi Da Zi of the
Yuan Dynasty). If it's not for the birth of eight cows (refers to Tai
Zu of the Ming dynasty whose last name is Zhu, which consists of
characters for ba [eight] and niu [cow]) and the sun and moon's
orbiting side by side (refers to the title of the Ming dynasty. The
character for Ming consists of ri [sun] and yue [moon]), there would be
no humans in the world. Women would grow beards, men would bear babies,
the earth would crack and mountains would explode."

Tai Zong asked: "Will it be peaceful afterwards?"

Chunfeng said: "After that, great water is at the feet and a person in
Dao will come out. However several years later, the Yan rebel, the
emperor escapes (refers to King of Yan's usurping power). After another
several decades, a person who carries the message of heaven and starts
the fortune will come out (refers to Xi Zong's title of Tian Qi [heaven
and start]) and have a loyal (zhong) and virtuous (xian) official. With
important duties on his shoulders, this person destroys the country
(refers to Wei Zhongchen's [same sound as loyal and virtuous]

Tai Zong asked: "You said that a loyal and virtuous official will destroy the country. Why doesn't it make sense?"

Chunfeng said: "Heaven's will is like that. At that time, everyone
achieves his ambition and the king of devils is out in the world. One
horse is always in the gate (refers to the king of "Chuang"; the
character Chuang consists of men [gate] and ma [horse]), Gong Chang
(refers to Zhang Xianzhong; the character Zhang consists of Gong and
Chang) insists on not taking the bow down. They cruelly kill people
(refers to the rebellion by Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong). During
that time, scholars will sit in their houses and generals won't lead
the army. Several years later, the country is lost.

Prophecy - Qing Dynasty (after 1644 AD)

"The person with eight flags takes over power (refers to the Qing
Dynasty's rising with the Eight Flags Troop). Everybody has fire in his
mouth (refers to people in the Qing Dynasty who smoked dried tobacco
and then opium) and has horse on hands (wearing horse hoof-shaped
cuffs). They have flowers on the head (peacock feather on the mandarin
hat worn by officials) and wear clothes of two pieces (mandarin
jacket). People do not look like humans (after their smoking opium). In
another two hundred years or so, again the king of devils comes to the
world and they have yellow hair on their head (Hong and Yang's rebels
keep their hair long). Water comes out of their eyes and they eat human
flesh in their mouth (the distorted Sacred Meal/Mass held by the
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom). Thus, people and horses run around from east
to west, making the people in Mainland China suffer and die. If it's
not for the appearance of a true master among the crowd of red geese
with the "son of tree" as general (refers to Li Hongzhang) and "twenty
mouths" as an official (refers to Zeng Guofan), would anybody survive?

Prophecy - Modern Times

"Eighty years later, demons are everywhere and disastrous stars fill
the sky. People who have will have and those who don't will not
(polarization between the rich and poor). Gold and silver will be gone
with water flowing by. Houses are empty and lucky ones go down together
with the unlucky ones (refers to incidents in the 1930's and 40's).

"Several years later, people will all wear hats of "five and eight" and
sunny clothing, yet people behave not like humans [refers to Sun
Country Japan's invasion of China]. Fortunately, a heavenly star
descends to clean up the world and bring peace." (Refers to Chiang
Kai-shek's cleaning the country and obtaining the short period of
peaceful times during 1940"s)

Tai Zong asked: "What will it be after the peaceful time? "

Chunfeng said: "Ninety years later (calculated from the time of Hong
and Yang's rebellion), a hairy woody person [Mao Zedong] who is often
with a lady or himself wearing a flower [referring to Mao's "Hundred
Flowers" Movement] appears. The sun comes out at night and the moon in
daytime. The country is in chaos and the people suffer a great deal.
Later, there is an "adding money" leader who wears a long bow [Deng
Xiaoping: the Chinese word "Deng" contains a vertical bow]. This
person's eyes are often in the back (looking back/front and back
reversed) and his eyebrows are often at the waist (top/bottom reversed)
[such that he is on the second line but in power and without a proper
title]. Then those in power take away the fortunes and people are
suffering again. If it is not for a True Master to come, where can the
world find civilization?" (refers to Yin and Yang's reversing and dark
and gloomy world in Mainland China after 1949 as well as corruption in
the 2000's ).

Tai Zong asked: "What is the civilization?"

Chunfeng said: "This person has a jar on top of his head (as a common
man). His two hands reach the heaven (holding the sky), his two feet
enter the earth (standing on the earth), and he has 9-pound belt on his
waist and wears a gown of eight zhang (One zhang
equals to twelve feet) long (described as a giant). He lives everywhere
in the world. People following him enjoy peace and happiness. Excellent
ones will enter the purple palace and no one with a red hat will be
surviving. (With the True Master in the world, people have a peaceful
and happy life, and the new culture will flourish)."

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