Thoughts about the New York Fa Conference

Ming Xing

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] I just came back from New York Fa conference and would like to share with others how the Fa conference helped me to improve.

This conference has eliminated my biggest obstacle to consummation.
Master has mentioned in many lectures that personal consummation of
Dafa disciples is not the main issue but saving sentient beings is. I
could not understand that. I thought that my xinxing
was so low compared with cultivators from the ancient times, so how
could I reach consummation?  This time Master mentioned it again,
and I felt that I had broken through a shell. I was quite excited about
it. I told myself, "You are a fool, after so many years, you do not
even know what you are cultivating."

Falun Dafa is so different from any other system of cultivation. 
Master has explained so clearly that we cultivate from the microscopic
to macroscopic and from inside toward outside, just like layers of an
onion.  Cultivation systems of the past are just the opposite,
taking off layer after layer from outside toward inside, whereas we do
it from inside toward outside.  The changes display on the surface
of their bodies from the very start, but cannot resolve the remaining
issues at the end. What our Master bestows on us is that we start to
cultivate from the top toward the bottom and approach consummation.

However, the layer after layer of shells is for us to cultivate away.
That much is my understanding in my level. When I listened to the
lecture and looked at Master's face, every cell in my body was
vibrating and lying prostrate on the ground, and my gratitude was
beyond description. However, I had some thoughts that were not
righteous, which I knew clearly were not from the real me. Meanwhile,
tears welled up in my eyes. I bit my lip and reminded myself that I
should be clear-headed because every word that Master uttered is Fa. If
I cried, it would affect my listening to the Fa.

When I saw other practitioners doze off, I was saying inwardly, "Master
is giving a lecture, and how dare you doze off?" When the notion of
complaining arose in my heart, I sensed the strong waves of sleepiness
coming to me. I knew right then that I was wrong. What Master wanted to
see was not my complaining or my showing off how well I did. I realized
that if one could look at problems and measure everything from the
standpoint of the Fa, then one's enlightenment would be unlimited.

Master mentioned many times whether the third eye is open or not, or
whether a practitioner is in China or outside of China, it presents
"the same difficulty."  I used to wonder how it could be "the
same."   This time, after I came back from New York, I
suddenly understood: The difficulty truly is the same. Everyone may
have different environments, but the heart wanting to cultivate is the
same. Cultivation depends on one's faith and one's enlightenment.

If all of us cultivated in the Fa, there would be no one who could not
be saved and nothing that could not be done. "To studying the Fa" are
not just four simple words. If there were someone who loved money and
you told him that you would give him ten thousand pieces of gold if he
would read the book for a day, he would definitely read the book when
the gold pieces were shinning in front of him. I thought about myself
and how Master has told us many times to read the book and study the
Fa.  Since we do not see the shinning gold pieces and other
factors also isolate us from the Fa, we cannot see the truth.

However, the eyes in the Fa told me what we gain from studying the Fa
is invaluable. When we study the Fa, we can let go of our attachments
and get rid of the confusion in our hearts. That is far more valuable
than ten thousand pieces of gold. Gold pieces cannot follow you during
your birth or death, but what you gain from the Fa is eternal.  If
you study the Fa for the sole purpose of elevation and consummation,
the Fa will not reveal any principle to you. When we have the intent to
save sentient beings, we will see boundless principles. As a
consequence, all of our problems will be resolved.  

I have experienced this once: After I had been clarifying the truth in China town, I picked up Zhuan Falun
and felt that every word was different and had a different meaning.
Wow! What a wonderful feeling! Actually, I am not very diligent.
Sometimes when it is the time to do the exercises, I become very lazy.
When it is time to study, I feel sleepy. In that sluggish condition, I
think about the Fa, and I think about the rotating Falun and heavenly
dragons that appear when I do the exercises. If you could see those
scenes with your own eyes, you would do the exercises no matter how
tired you were. Why wouldn't you do the exercises? That's because you
don't believe in that, and it also means that you have not obtained the
Fa yet.

I often think about the fact that ordinary people just follow the
downward moral trend, and we may be a totally different person between
one second and the next. This "one second" is an eternity in the
enlightening of the Fa. I know that I cannot define a fellow
practitioner by certain aspects of his behavior because we are still
cultivating. Even ordinary people say something like "the death of
the rebirth of tomorrow". The changes in Dafa disciples can happen
within a split second.  Sometimes, I cannot not maintain my xinxing
and regret it later. I fail to do the exercises, and regret later. I
fail to study the Fa, and regret later. The remorse eventually turns
into a burden. I learned from studying the Fa that remorse is a good
thing for a cultivator and shows your awareness of your own mistakes.
However, Master also said that you fall and then get back up, and in
that instance, you are no longer the same person. Because you have
enlightened, you have corrected yourself and that is cultivation.

Practitioners should help each other.  When I saw other
practitioners dozing off during Master's lecture, I complained. Why
couldn't I send forth righteous thoughts to get rid of their
interference? Master wants to see us with a ton of confidence and the
majority of the questions that we asked we should be able to answer by
ourselves.  I am not saying that those are bad questions. I am
only pointing out those questions reflecting what we are lacking.  

Master repeatedly emphasizes that no matter how busy we are and how
many projects we are doing, we must take time to study the Fa, even
just one paragraph or one sentence.  Often I really did not have
the time or the energy and I read only one paragraph, or recited one
paragraph. I realized that, in such circumstances Master will compress
certain Fa principles into this particular paragraph to let us elevate
and the entire Gong into a certain movement of the exercises. 
Because you are a cultivator and you want to be diligent, Master will
help you.

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