A Horrible Ending

A U.S. Practitioner

PureInsight | April 30, 2007

[PureInsight.org] To persons
who are and have come and gone from our Falun Gong practices sites to
assist the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in spying on practitioners.

Background: Our practice site
[in the Midwestern U.S.] recently got news from the FBI that one of our
local practitioners had suspicious dealings with the Chinese Communist
Party (CCP). Separately from the FBI conclusion, many practitioners in
our area had witnessed actions that indicated that this practitioner is
gathering information about, and photographs of practitioners for the
CCP. What every "suspicious dealing" or other actions does is connect
the person with the CCP and its persecution against Falun Gong. The
persecution is evil, and evil is punished by the heavens during this
life time and after the death of the mortal body. It is my
understanding that the worst punishment is reserved for those who
persecuted Falun Dafa and that this punishment causes unbelievable
suffering for eternity.

This is not a fate to wish upon anyone, and my heart aches to think
this is what is in store for those who spy/work for the CCP. The term
"spy" is loosely defined here as was the wording used by the FBI,
suspicious dealings or relationships with the CCP.  Also, it is my
understanding that many persons who fit this category and who also
practice Falun Gong are getting the benefits from practicing and many
of them are not what you would call "traditional" spies. However, it is
my understanding that they, too, will soon have to pay for their deeds
in this lifetime and the afterlife. They have a choice. That is how I
understand it.  I don't think there is much time left to make that
choice, whether you practice Falun Gong or not. Secondly, I wish to
advise anyone defending or covering for these spies in the name of
loyalty, ignorance, friendship or whatever to realize that you are
placing yourself in a position that needs to be rectified, too. You
will have to pay for your deeds as well with retribution.  This is
true for those giving the orders to do these deeds.  

At the time I heard the FBI conclusion, I had a sincere wish to have
some sort of dialogue to assist those I suspected of such activities to
[help them decide to] denounce their activities as Master has outline
in the lecture, "Pass the Deadly Test, May 9, 2006" and thus to save
themselves in so far as it is possible. With that wish, that night I
had the following experience.

The Demon: During dream time,
I entered a place that appeared to be the steps leading away from the
back of a stage where a faded, worn out, red curtain has been drawn. A
light still shone on the other side of this curtain onto the stage as
the final curtain had not been drawn. I was aware that a person was
examining the contents of a box, so I decided to do the same. The area
was dark and grey.  All the items in the box were to be worn by
persons larger than human size. My attention went immediately to a
golden, metal-mesh, formal, woman's purse. It seemed to be glowing in
the dark atmosphere.  I opened it up to find a golden perfume
bottle.  A pool of golden liquid was suspended away from the
lining of the purse and was next to the bottle. The bottle just
beckoned to me to take it, so I took it out of the purse to claim it
for my own use.  I stopped with the realization, "I cannot take
this as I am a practitioner.  It is not mine."  The bottle's
golden glow continued to attempt to seduce and test me. I put the
bottle back in the purse, but I got this idea and proceeded to ask if
the other person wanted to smell the perfume while spraying some on my
wrist to offer it to him. I then realized I should not even smell this
perfume.  I again proclaimed, "I am a practitioner and I do not
need to even smell the perfume that is not mine."  With that I
closed the purse and put it back in the box. My attention then went to
what appeared to be a hat.  It was shaped more like a train
conductor's hat or a hat to accompany a uniform.  There were also
several larger than human sandals fashioned for Asian women and men
with floral designs, but no matching pairs of sandals could be
found.  I said to myself, "Who do these items belong too? 
Why are they so very over sized?  What is the answer to the
mystery of the owners' fate?

The Fate: I then entered an
enormous room that was totally white with nothing in it, but several
very huge white beings. I realized I realized I was in another
dimension where the people could get large or small.  This was the
fate of the owners of the larger-than-human size clothing. They was
them. I was sure of that.  I had never seen anything like this.
The beings were pressed up against the walls and ceilings. They were so
big. They filled the entire room. They looked liked over-sized dough
people with no distinguishing features due to swelling of their flesh.
Their faces only showed the hollow areas that were the eyes, mouth, and
nose buried in folds of flesh. Their skin was like layers upon layers,
very swollen. Upon close examination this white skin was riddled with
small punches that appeared to be discolored.  

It took me awhile to be able to hear in this dimension. When I could I
heard the beings' cries of agony.  The background noise was
repetitive rounds of popping. I realized that the huge people were
being shot over and over with small objects that were burning them
while piercing through them. That accounted for the discoloring around
the small wound holes. I felt like crying for them.  It was the
saddest thing I have ever experience. I realized this must be the
torture that is described as a slow death that never ends.  A
death for eternity!

Regardless of this awakening, my compassionate heart wanted to help
them.   I thought: why are they so helpless?  They are
so large and the weapons used have are so tiny to make those sounds and
create the small holes. (I never witnessed the source of the torture.)
I yelled to the berings, "Why not just step on or crush the weapons
being used against you?"  I paused long enough to realize they
were so swollen from the endless rounds of pellets being thrust into
them and this resulted in being disfigured to the point of becoming
huge and not being able to move even a hand, arm, foot, or leg. 
They could not even talk or shed tears.  All they could do was
wince as they got hit and cry out.  There was no one or object to
comfort them or care for them. They were truly alone in their

I thought, "Why don't I eliminate the evil with righteous
thoughts?"  Then, I realized again that it was not my place to do
anything and it was not evil, as I was just a witness to the fate of
those who have committed crimes of the magnitude to cause endless
suffering and repeated deaths. Just as I was to leave the room the
torture was amplified, as the objects penetrating the skin were now
tearing holes into the flesh. The cries were even more horrifying! (My
words cannot describe the magnitude of the suffering these beings were
experiencing. Their cries I could hear for days afterwards.)

Brief Interpretation: The
purse was the demon associated with the seduction and financial
exchange of the CCP to entice the owners of the clothing to do the evil
deeds of spying against Falun Dafa. (This demon is always ready to test
practitioners and everyday people to do the worst of things.) Some form
of financial or other exchange had transpired due to the golden liquid
being outside the bottle and in the purse. No matching shoes may
indicate the shoes' owners have not finished their true missions on
this earth as they stayed seduced by the CCP.  Also, the setting
is on a stage and the curtain is closed and if the person continues
down this road their fate is as described.  However, the final
curtain is not drawn, so there is some hope for changing this
fate.  The demon of the CCP is still seducing and attempting to
seduce with the purse, perfume, and gold, as well as blackmail, lies,
etc.  However, the faded, worn out, red curtain is most likely the
CCP as it stands now with over 20.5 million resignations from the CCP
from her own citizens.  She does not appear to have much life left
in her.  The clothing was worn by persons of Asian decent who were
playing their parts on the stage. The white room and white color of the
beings possibly suggests Asians who are living in western countries.

My Thoughts: I plead with you
to follow Master, "All student who have made these kinds of mistakes
[spying], starting now it's best that you publicly state that you are
getting rid of that filthy burden and returning to Dafa" (Pass the
Deadly Test, May 9, 2006).  I hope this will change the fate of
the beings I witnessed.

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