Thoughts from Reading "Qigong and Physical Exercises"

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | April 30, 2007

[] How does one get rid of bad thoughts? Master says in the paragraph  "Qigong and Physical Exercises" in Zhuan Falun,

"To obtain a healthy body through
physical exercises, one must increase the amount of exercise and
intensify physical training. Qigong practice, however, is just the
opposite, as it does not require one to move. If there is any movement,
it is gentle, slow, and curved. It is even motionless and still—this
differs greatly from physical exercises in terms of form."

To obtain a healthy body, physical exercises stress physical training while qigong stresses improving xinxing. Cultivators recognize that matter and mind are one thing. To obtain a healthy body one needs to improve one's xinxing; otherwise, even though one obtains a healthy body one will pay the price by having one's life span shortened.

Then how do we get rid of bad thoughts? How do we eliminate our
attachments? As I see it, removing one attachment must not lead to
developing another one. Instead, we need to enlarge our mental
capacity. When we cultivate ourselves well, attachments will naturally

The pursuit of eliminating attachments may be an attachment in itself.
We need to pay attention to ourselves and on improving our levels. But
how can we improve our level if we only emphasize ourselves? How can
our attachments be eliminated? Only when our minds are filled with
thoughts of sentient beings, thoughts of the well-being of others
filling our minds,  and thus broaden our perspective, will our
attachments vanish on their own.

The old forces arranged tests for Dafa practitioners, claiming that it
benefits Dafa disciples' improvement. However, since remote times, the
old forces' true aim, as Master tells us, has been selfish and meant
only to benefit themselves. Many fellow practitioners emphasize their
own improvement and do not become actively involve in rescuing sentient
beings. This mindset goes hand in hand with what old forces arranged
and is a manifestation of the old universe's selfishness. The old
forces are for themselves. If you are also for yourself, how can you
break the old forces' arrangements? How can there be any constraint
between this qi and that qi? Only when we abandon our ego and live for
sentient beings will our xinxing improve and our levels rise. Only then will we be able to break through the old forces' arrangements.

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