Reflections on the Path

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | May 13, 2007


Hastened Steps

Our Great Lord spoke again today

Of things that soon will be

So, faster now we pave the Way

Our future soon we'll see

So many lives may soon be lost

My heartache can't be told

Yet, no time now to waste in dross

For soon this will unfold

No thoughts of love and lives now past

Our journey soon will end

For those of whom won't future last

We'll never see again

Compassion grows so deep and now

with hastened steps the truth I'll tell

Spring's Promise

Quietly gazing upon fall flowers

My heart can't help but to feel saddened

A rest throughout the winter hours

With dreams of spring till hearts be gladdened

Such weary faces amidst the towns

For what to find with joy to bring?

The melody of a longing soul resounds

So long forgotten these legends of spring

And yet above the sun still shines

With promise to find a winters end

So graceful the dance, the sea of time

For soon the flowers shall bloom again

For one last time, great truth does spread

Towards Zhen Shan Ren our hearts are led

Primordial Nostalgia

At night alone, I sometimes dream

of a place which seems so far away.

Quietly sitting by a steam.

With words this place so hard to say.

In distant lands, its legends told

of flowered hills and ancient trees.

The weight of wonders, words cannot hold.

Its songs are carried on the breeze.

With kindness its beauty, the people assist.

Every action contains a thought of each-other.

For why I ask do we exist?

But to illuminate the hearts of one-another.

Yet dreams do fade with reality's wake

With much work to do for mankind's sake

Crossing Samsara

The winds of change, so soft they blow.

In the blink of an eye, a thousand years.

Immeasurable is the great river's flow,

to sail, one must remove his fears.

So fine, the ship on which we ride,

with wind to carry all the sails.

Across dark waters we gently glide.

Yet billowing waves begin to wail.

Not frail, the walls of this great ship,

yet crew still hides beneath the deck.

With fears aside and leadership,

This boat I'll not allow to wreck.

The clouds do part, and the sun does shine.

Soon our destination we shall find.


So deep grown were our rings of sin

no hope had humankind

no hope for sight of spring again

our fates could not unwind

Yet chimes so soft of vows of old

now echo through us all

now echo back with promise retold

and answer heaven's call

Guided by the greatest law

to all which was unknown

to all, in past none had foresaw

the return to our true homes

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