Tanka Poems: Job Series

A Kansas Practitioner

PureInsight | August 22, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Tanka
is the name of an ancient form of Japanese poetry that precedes Haiku
and has existed for at least 1300 years.  Traditionally speaking, Tanka
are 31 syllable poems that are written in one straight line in
Japanese, but in English, are broken into syllabic lines of

The following tanka poems are inspired by a cultivator's experiences in the world of real estate and business transactions.


Business man's walk -

Many trials and rewards,

Passing underfoot.

The ground is greener than cash,    

 My card hands out ten worlds.


Work and Compassion -

The elements are perfect,

Test and temper rock.

A statue once sat here,

Great being higher than earth.


Men are babies still,

Said their houses need repair -

Robin's egg mid air.

Open handed to save them,

Need to tell them who is here.


Person to Client,

Who works for who each time through,

Losing or gaining?

Everyone is here to live -

Rabbits scurry before dawn.


Human? Perfection?

Some are good and some are bad -

Principles stand fire.

When our world was scorched,

 Mercy was our water.   


Warm and cold people,

Come and go in cloudlike shapes -

Heart deals overtime.

There are many homes to buy,

Think good thoughts for you only.


I will help you sell,

My time is yours this autumn -

Devoted to Law.

Everything must be prepared,

Before winter sees flowers.


Selling a true home

Takes giving up attachments -

Only you are left.

Your bones made up the wood,

Heart/Mind - foundation and roof.


On someone's river,

Narrows in the stream lead home -

Hangs open a door.  

A house built on moral codes,

The bad people move away.


Torture - I don't know,

NOT compared to real estate -

Brave Chinese endure.

Bad won't change without a fight,

But someone real has spoken.


This job is my gift -

There is no wind outside,

 Whispering the Truth.

We eat our dinner knowing,

Our status, hard to see, grows.    

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