Cultivation Diary: My Son Is Growing Up

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | May 31, 2007

[] May 24, 2007, it is sunny and feels like summer.

In the morning, I saw quite a bit of trash in front of the door. I
casually complained, "If I don't take care of this, no one will."

My son Feifei, 12, said calmly, "This indicates that our home
environment is very good for cultivation.  It provides you with
opportunities to cultivate."  

I suddenly felt that his words came from the Fa and said, "You are right! But where is your opportunity?"  

He sighed, "Oh, mine is in school and there is opportunity every day for me to improve my xinxing."

What he said reminded me of his behavior lately.  A few days ago,
when we were sharing, he asked, "Mother, do you think a lot before you
go to sleep?"

I said, "Think of what?"

He said, "For instance, I think about whether I passed my tests today.
If I did not do well, I'll tell myself that I can forbear tomorrow."

I was curious and asked, "What do you have to forbear?"

He said, "One of my classmates complains to me every day about his
mother. She did this and that, etc. Actually his mother is not bad, but
she wants her son to be smarter. I was impatient and did not want to
hear about it. I have to learn how to be tolerant."

I was quite moved and I did not know that the little Dafa disciple was
growing up. He was not the same little boy who recited the Hong Yin
while following the grown-ups to do Dafa activities.  I realized
that my son actually was cultivating and Master was taking care of him
all along.

During the Canada Fa Conference, my son listened attentively. I asked him what he thought afterwards.

He said with more confidence, "Hmm, compared with them, I did not do well in many aspects, but I did well in tolerance."

My son is behaving more and more like a grown-up.

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