The Presentation of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe in Another Dimension

PureInsight | June 28, 2007

[] The Divine
Performing Arts Troupe came to Taiwan so I had an opportunity to
recommend this spectacular performing arts show to my students. One
student brought his whole family to watch an added performance in
Taipei. He is the only person in his family to practice Falun Dafa.
Since his acceptance of Dafa he has made some interesting dreams. He
often explained to me the dreams he had had. I could tell that his
dreams were related to the Buddha Fa that is stated in Master's books.
His own practice and understanding of Dafa certainly influenced his
family such that his whole family came to watch the performance.

Later, I asked him for his comment about the performance. He told me
that he could not help falling asleep during the performance, though he
had been quite energetic that day. During the show he was awakened
three times by his father and his sister. At first I felt sorry for him
because he missed the performance. He explained, however, that he was
watching the program in his dreams. I was astonished by what he told me
and started to confirm the different episodes of the performance with

He said that the performance in his dream started with "the creation of
the world." He first saw a noble Buddha, wearing a robe with his right
shoulder exposed. The Buddha was gigantic and majestic. This was almost
the same as what was presented at the stage. In his dream performance,
the emperor of the Tang Dynasty had on a huge crown and a robe with a
dragon design on it. The color of the robe was exquisite and a number
of dragon designs were embroidered on the robe. Government officials
wearing red, blue or green were beside the emperor. My student told me
that the different colors of the official costumes are determined by
the ranks of the officials, as is the headwear. Officials of higher
ranks wore bigger and higher hats. When the officials came to the
stage, he could hear a shout of "Coming!" and the playing of drums. The
officials of the highest ranks appeared the earliest and they stood
nearest to the emperor. In front of the emperor and the officials were
the dancing ladies-in-waiting. Their dancing costumes were white and
pink, very pretty. The ladies-in-waiting had the hair style that was
typical of the Tang Dynasty and the dancing shoes they wore belonged to
the Tang style too. They danced with handkerchiefs in their hands to
Chinese style music. Since his memories were not complete, I will just
share what I heard from him:

On the stage jasminum nudiflorum was blooming and whirling, my student
said: "They were not waving handkerchiefs. The fairies were extracting
the flowers from within their hands and other body parts and twirling
the flowers in their hands."

I asked him whether he had seen the characters "Jing Zhong Bao Guo"
(loyalty and devotion to my motherland) on General Yue Fei. He said the
four characters were huge in his dream and they were sending out golden

To my surprise, whenever I mentioned the name of a performance from the
program list, he could not recall it from his dream. Rather, he could
describe what was presented to him in his dream when I showed him the
individual pictures of the performances from the program brochure.

With regard to the Mongolian dance with bowls on the top of head, he
said there were more than three bowls on the heads of the dancers, and
the bowls were on top of each other and were very high. The bowls were
not only on the top of the dancers' head.  There was also a stack
of bowls on top of each of the two shoulders. The dancers were
exhibiting some moves that would have been impossible to make for any
human being. He kept saying it was a fantastic dance performance.

When we came to the topic of the Mongolian dance performed by the male
dancers, he explained that the color of the costumes the dancers wore
was more pleasant as seen in his dream. Also, the dancers in his dream
jumped higher and exhibited more agility than those in the pictures.

In addition, he saw Mongolian warriors showing their superior tumbling
skills. He thought the performance was beyond imagination. The
performers were agile as if they were not wearing the heavy
armor.  Interestingly, that I did not see this performance on the
stage. Probably Master Li presented it just for him and this particular
performance was related to him.

I suddenly realized something when I wrote this article: he mentioned
that many of the female performers had hair long enough to touch the
ground. At first I thought he was referring to the Chinese Dai
Nationality Dance but, when we saw the picture of the dance called "Bai
Lian on the Snowy Mountains," he exclaimed that this was what he had
referred to, with the hair and the sleeves of the performers presented
in his dreams much longer than those of the corresponding dancers in
the picture. I felt great about the wonderful colors of the dancing
costumes for this particular performance, so I asked him whether the
costumes he saw in his dreams were as colorful. To my surprise, he
stated that the colors he saw were so delicate that they were beyond
any words and beyond any colors that exist on earth. Moreover, the
dancers he saw were all very beautiful without putting on any
make-up.  They were prettier than human beings who wear make-up.
Their skin is fine and delicate, mostly white with spots of redness.
When I heard that I was fully convinced by what he told me. Master Li
mentioned those points when he explained Dafa. Up to this point my
student had just read Zhuan Falun and a few other Dafa books, and those vivid descriptions all came from his own mind. I was very much amazed.

I was eager to know whether he had watched the singing and instrumental
music performances which had moved the audiences in his dream. He said
that in the dream there was no master of ceremonies. The dancing and
singing performances proceeded one after another and they were well
integrated as a single performance.  He said the space was full of
the melodious music. Though he did not understand the message conveyed
in the music, its inherent beauty and harmony made him sense that the
music bore the nature of heavenliness and sanctity. The music was
performed with various instruments that were popular in ancient China.

When I asked him about my favorite, "The Princess Dance," he recalled
that the sleeves of the costumes worn by the performers in his dream
were longer than those shown in the pictures. Also, the crown on the
leading dancer was many times larger.

I mentioned to him that I was excited about the last dance performance,
because the leading dancer was on one foot, with the other foot high in
the air. However, he recollected that the version of the dance in his
dream was more elaborate. The other foot was not only high in the air
but also higher than the neck and shoulder. This unbelievable
performance must be beyond the capabilities of human beings, I thought.
He stressed that many performers in his dream exhibited postures that
were only possible for those who have very soft and elastic bones. They
could make the head and the feet touch and intertwine while using their
hands to hit the drums. My student even drew a picture in front of me
to illustrate what he was talking about. If we had had a camera, then
we would have shot a picture of me with my mouth wide open, pleasantly
astonished by what I had heard and seen.

More intriguing is that as soon as the performance on the stage came to
a conclusion, the performance in his dream ended. He awoke to the
applause of the audience. I suddenly inquired whether he was the only
person watching the show in his dream or whether he saw a stage. He
told me that, in his dreams, the performance was presented directly to
him, without a stage. He was not the only viewer, though. He was
accompanied by an audience who are not human beings but look like
humans, wearing traditional clothing. His description evoked an
unimaginable scene in front of me. I could not help but congratulate
him on being able to observe such a divine performance.

I was deeply moved and even astonished at my student's narration. Just
as Master has said: "In this dimension it was young people who were
performing, while in other dimensions, many of my Law Bodies and many
divine beings were doing so. (Applause) The strength of the impact on
people, as with the changes it caused in them, were very similar to
what happened back when I personally taught the Fa early on. (Applause)
So it has effected tremendous changes in people." ("Fa Teaching at the
2007 New York Fa Conference")

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