Benevolently Calling

Jing Ran

PureInsight | July 20, 2007


Entering the Evil Ground by Mistake

A long time ago, I had a very vivid dream:

One evening I came to a mountain which was only two to three stories
tall. I did not have much to do, so I quickly sat on the ground in a
full lotus position. There were neither flowers nor vegetation around.
The grayish grounds looked lifeless. I did not think further and
decided to raise my palm to cleanse the environment. I suddenly felt
that my body was weak and my gong disappeared, but I did not know why.
When I asked Master to strengthen me, I saw a big demon attack me with
his energy from a lower ground. He was sending pea-size hard objects to
hit my celestial eye. I had no fear and determined to fight with my
life. I was feeling weak and confused, but suddenly I discovered the
lotus flowers in the pond behind me in full bloom. When I saw the white
lotus flowers with dew drops on their petals were so gorgeous, I
decided to leave and go over there.

I got up and followed the path where I came from. On the way, I met
many people of various ages. Do you know where they were doing? They
were trying to get away from the demon as soon as they could. I saw a
young boy about ten years old who could not catch up with the group. I
rescued him and held his hand. Together we left the evil ground.

Finding My Way Home

After I walked further South, I saw my sister walking from southeast
direction and heading toward the evil ground. I called to her at the
top of my lungs. She slowed down her steps and, with a chocolate ice
cream sandwich in her hand, she smiled and looked around. I woke up.

Later, I realized that I should call her attention to walking
diligently on the path of cultivation. I told her that she should be
firm and that the path of cultivation was serious and to be wary of the
mundane world. Her Buddha nature shone again and she came back to

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