Stories from History: A Well-Protected Life

Yi Dou

PureInsight | August 6, 2007

[] Liu Bang, the
founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, was the first commoner turned
emperor in the history of China. His legendary life was full of
miraculous events.

After Liu Bang occupied Guanzhong, one of his ministers of war sent a
messenger to Xiang Yu, king of the Chu State. The messenger said that
Liu Bang intended to become an emperor from Guanzhong.  Xiang Yu
was infuriated and he was ready to lead his troops to fight with Liu
Bang the following day. At that time Liu Bang had only 100,000
soldiers, but XiangYu had 400,000.  The outcome seemed
obvious.  Liu Bang went to Xiang Yu's camp to apologize the
following day. Meanwhile Xiang Yu's subordinates were ready to execute
an order to kill Liu Bang when he arrived. Xiang Yu hesitated, however,
even though he was normally more than eager to have people killed in a
blink of an eye. Thus, Liu Bang was spared.

The troops of Liu and Xiang fought for the entire kingdom from Xingyang
for more than one year. Finanlly, Xiang was in control of the route to
the food supply and Liu was surrounded within Xingyang. During the
night, Liu asked someone to impersonate him, rode in his carriage, and
pretended to surrender to Xiang Yu. When Xiang Yu' troops were so
overjoyed and shouted "Long live Xiang Yu!"  Liu Bang led a few
dozen of his people and escaped from the other gate.

When Liu Bang was defending against the Huns, a nomadic tribe, he was
under siege in Ping City for seven days. Later because there was a
heavy fog, he was able to escape safely.

When Liu Bang went through Bairen County, someone wanted to assassinate
him there. He wanted to stay over night but he had an uneasy feeling
about that city. He changed his mind and left without stopping. As a
result, he stayed alive.

If these were not examples of help from Heaven, how else could he have such good fortune?

(Historical Records)

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