Living Examples of Retribution for Cause: In the Human World Virtue Is Really Wealth

Xiao Hui

PureInsight | August 2, 2007

[] An ancient
Chinese sage, Wu Hui Shu, recorded this living example: A man died of
pestilence but came to life afterwards.  He recited what he had
seen and experienced in the nether world.  

He said that he had come across an old friend there, who was shabbily
dressed and wore a shackle on his neck.  When they saw each other,
their grief and joy intermingled.  

He held the old friend's hands and sighed, "You were wealthy and high
ranking in the human world.  Why were you unable to bring the
wealth and rank to the nether world?"   

The man frowned and said, "Wealth and rank from the human world can
definitely be brought to the nether world.  However, some wealthy
people were unable to bring their wealth to the nether world, because
they did not accumulate enough moral integrity in the human world to
enable them to do so.  Those people who had merit and virtue will
become wealthy and suffer less after they come to the nether
world.  When you go back, please tell those who are still alive in
the human world to plan in advance how to bring their wealth and rank
to the nether world."  

What the man said is really practical and more powerful than the empty
talk that wealth and rank are something empty.   

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