Stories from History: Zhao Dun Giving Advice

Yi Dou

PureInsight | August 8, 2007

[] Jing Gong,
the emperor of Jin Dynasty, did not behave according to the moral
standard. He liked to shoot his arrows from high places. When people on
the street ran in all directions for cover, he gave a hearty laugh.
Once he ordered his chef killed when the chef failed to cook a dish to
his liking.

Zhao Dun, a high ranking official, advised Jing Gong many times about
his behavior. Jing Gong  disliked Zhao Dun for that and hired a
professional killer to kill him. When the assassin went to Zhao Dun's
home, he saw Zhao Dun's bedroom door was open and Zhao Dun was all
dressed up and ready to go the palace for the morning ceremony. Because
it was a little too early, Zhao Dun was sitting there resting. The
assassin sighned deeply and said, "One who has the affairs of the
kingdom on his mind all the time is the master of the people. If I kill
the master of the people, I am not patriotic. When I cannot accomplish
what I promised, I am not trustworthy. Between these two, which one
should I choose?" Finally, the assassin ran into a Chinese scholar tree
and killed himself.
"Zuozhuan" -- a historical writing

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