Stories from History: Spectacular Strategies

Yi Dou

PureInsight | August 11, 2007

[]  Zhang
Liang was the chief strategist for Gao Zu of the Han Dynasty. When he
was young, he met an old man who gave him a book, Tai Gong Strategies of War.
The old man told him, "Study this book well and you can be the
emperor's teacher." Zhang took his advice and studied the book

Ten years later, all of China was in turmoil and many people with
ambition came forward.  When Jing Ju from the State of Chu
declared himself King, Zhang Liang wanted to go and serve him. Half way
to the State of Chu, Zhang ran into Liu Bang, who later became the
founding Emperor of Han Dynasty.

Zhang had suggested strategies from the Tai Gong Strategies of War
to Liu Bang many times before. Liu Bang had taken his suggestions, but
other people had refused to do so.  Zhang Liang said, "This must
be God's will." As a result, he gave up the idea of serving Jiang Ju
and helped Liu Bang instead.

Because Zhang Liang's strategies were unique and spectacular, Liu Bang
pacified the whole of China within six short years and established the
Han dynasty. Liu Bang sighed deeply and said,''Zhang Liang sits in a
tent and can determine the outcome of a battle thousands of miles away.
There is no way that I can compare with him."

( From Historical Records )

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