A Parable: Gateway to Heaven

PureInsight | August 6, 2007

[PureInsight.org] A farmer was
hurrying on his way with his horse and dog. Suddenly lighting struck
and killed all of them. Like many newly dead souls, they didn't know
they were dead and continued to hurry on their way.  

They kept going under the scorching sun. They were sweating and in
unbearable thirst. Then they saw a beautiful gate leading to a
glittering square. There was a clear spring in the middle of the
square. He hurriedly went up and greeted the gatekeeper: "What is this
beautiful place?"

"Heaven." The gatekeeper said amicably. "That is very good. We are all very thirsty. Can we go in to have a drink?"

"You can go in, but not your horse or dog. We don't allow animals to enter."

"Oh. Let's forget about it then."

The farmer couldn't bear to leave his horse and dog behind. They thus
continued on looking for water. After walking for a long time, he found
a place with a water source.  Again, there was a man guarding the

"Hello, can I and my horse and dog have a drink of water here?"

 "Go ahead," said the gatekeeper.

After they satisfied their thirst, the farmer thanked the doorkeeper and asked him: "What is this place?"

 "Heaven." The farmer was perplexed: "How can that be! We just
passed by a beautiful gate and the gatekeeper there told us it was the

"That was hell," said the gatekeeper.

"My lord, you should prohibit them from confusing people like that. People will be fooled."

"Not likely," said the gatekeeper. "We should thank them for their
help, because they'll keep those who abandon their friends there."

Translated from: http://xinsheng.net/xs/articles/gb/2005/10/15/34417.htm

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