Legend: Elixir Grass

Ru Zhi

PureInsight | August 22, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Since ancient
times, from Emperors to common folks, people all want to live forever.
Therefore, many legends have been passed down among people about
getting elixirs and heavenly grass. People have been wondering for
thousands of years, "Is there really grass to gain immortality in the
world? Has anyone actually seen it?" In the book Jin Lou Zi written by Xiao Yi from the time of Emperor Xiaoyuan in the Liang Dynasty, the mysterious "grass" was recorded in much detail:

According to the legends, in the Dongsheng Continent, (from an ancient
Chinese legend, it is one of the four large continents in the cosmos
located in the east) the elixir grass grows on the top of mountains.
It's similar in shape to the seedling of Zizania caduciflora, which has
purple flowers. If that flower is laid on top of the dead, the dead can
immediately come back to life.   

During the time of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, many people were
wrongfully killed and buried in the royal garden. A crow-like bird
often flew by the garden with this grass in its mouth and dropped it in
the garden. As soon as the grass fell on somebody who was dead, the
person would immediately come back to life. The Emperor Qin Shi Huang
sent someone to ask Gui Gu Zi (Master of Ghost Valley), who lived in
Bei Guo at that time but reached consummation later on, about the
phenomena. Gui Gu Zi told the person sent by the Emperor, "This kind of
grass is called Secular grass. It grows in the rich field on top of the
high mountains in the East Sea." After the Emperor Qin Shi Huang heard
it, he sent the alchemist, Xu Fu, to look for it as well as the
alchemical medicine called "Yi Cun Shen (inch-long mulberry)"in the
East Sea.

Xu Fu could only find a kind of tree called Fusang tree (a mysterious
tree in Chinese mythology) in the vast East Sea. The Fusang trees were
3,000 meters tall with two trees growing from the same root, and they
gained the name of "Fusang" by the way they leaned on each other. It is
said that when a cultivator eats its fruit, the person will shine with
a golden glow and fly freely in the air.

However, the Emperor Qin Shi Huang was not able to find the elixirs nor
become immortal. Perhaps it is because the Secular Grass was something
from heaven and can only be seen by people with predestined
relationship. In the human world, the only way to immortality is
cultivation practice.

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