True Pictures of Retributive Justice: Sun Hao's Retribution after Disgracing a Buddha Statue

Compiled by Xiao Hui

PureInsight | August 26, 2007

[] During the
time in the  Three Kingdoms period when Sun Hao was in power in
the Wu Kingdom, he found a golden Buddha idol that was several feet
high in his rear garden. After seeking the source, he learned that it
had been made by the Indian king A Yu and had been placed in the palace
for guarding purposes. However, Buddhism had not spread to the south as
early as the Qing and Han dynasties to the current period, so how could
this idol have been buried in the ground? Nobody could explain this.

Sun Hao did not believe in Buddhism, so he asked someone to put the
idol in an unclean place and had human waste poured on it. Meanwhile he
enjoyed watching this with his officials.

Soon after that, however, he found himself swollen everywhere and it
was especially painful in his private parts. He had so much pain that
he cried out very loudly.

The Tai Shi conducted a divination and read: "This offended the grand
God." So Sun Hao gave out an order to offer sacrifices to all of the
idols in all of the temples. It did not help, however.

There was a maid in the imperial palace who believed in Buddhism. She
said to Sun Hao: "Your Majesty, would you like to come to the Buddhist
temple and pray?"

He asked: "Is the Buddha a grand God?"

The maid replied: "Yes, He is indeed."

Sun Hao then realized what he had done and told the maid. The maid
immediately brought the Buddha idol into the great hall and had it
washed many times with fragrant water. Then she burned incense and
prayed. Sun Hao also kowtowed and confessed his sin and asked for
forgiveness. After a while, he did not fell any pain at all.

Then Sun Hao sent for the monk Kang Seng Hui to explain the Buddha
dharma.  The monk also explained what karma was in detail to Sun
Hao, who deeply regretted what he had done and started to build up his
charitable and pious deeds. After ten days, he fully recovered from his
sickness and went to the temple where Kang Seng Hui resided and gave an
order to decorate the temple. He also ordered all the people in the
palace to covert to Buddhism.

(From Hou Bai (Shui Dynasty) Jing Yi Ji)

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