Amazing Diagnosis by Observation

Hua Jingzhen

PureInsight | August 31, 2007

[] Once I went
to a Chinese pharmacy to buy herbs. There was a physician of Chinese
medicine. He turned a woman's two little fingers back and forth and
looked at them for a while. He asked, "Have you had a hysterectomy?"
The lady said, "Yes, but how did you know?" He glanced at me, but did
not answer that question. He started to criticize our modern doctors
for operating on patients indiscriminately and that many women lost
their uteri.  This is a unique example of making diagnosis by

In Chinese medicine, it talks about observation, listening, asking, and
pulsing. In the old Chinese medicine books, it states, "Diagnosis by
observation is a divine being. Diagnosis by listening is a sage.
Diagnosis by asking question is work accomplished. Diagnosis by pulsing
is a skill. These four ways of making a diagnosis are mandatory for a
student to learn.

In the ancient times, the doctor always had an apprentice following him
with a medicine chest. The apprentice had to go with the master to
collect herbs in the mountain and make the herbs into useful
ingredients at home. In such an environment, he slowly understood the
whole process of medical care and, after a while, the master would pass
his medical skills on to the apprentice. Nowadays, the majority of the
physicians of Chinese medicine came from passing an exam or through the
medical schools. The environment from the ancient times has been lost,
so the skills of observation, listening, asking, and pulsing technique
are getting worse. As A result, magical physicians are hard to coming

In Li Defu's Ear Acupuncture (from Conversations in the Medicine Hill,)
it said, "Ears are like a exhibit hall. They tell everything about a
being. It's five major internal organs, the heart, liver, spleen,
lungs, and stomach, its life, and its life history, all are visible
from the outside. You take one look at them and then you know
everything. You no longer need to ask any questions." One who sees and
then knows everything is a divine being. One who hears and then knows
everything is a sage. One who asks questions and then knows everything
is work well accomplished. One who touches and then knows everything is
skillful. In other words, he only needs to see a person's two ears, he
will understand everything. "To see is to know" and that is divine.

One time a little girl came to see me. Before I felt her pulse, I
looked at her fingernails. I asked her,  "You have a painful
menstrual period, don't you?"  

She said me, "Yes, how did you know?" Her mother then told me that the
pain was so severe during her period that her classmates had to bring
her home on a stretcher every month.

 How could I know it from looking at her fingernails? In Chinese
medicine, the human hair and nails have a close relationship with the
circulating blood. When a person is ill, his body is going through a
great change, and so is his blood, which can be observed from the
fingernails. The life span of our fingernails is about 6 months. The
little girl's fingernails have regular patterns, so it means that they
occur month after month which go well with a menstrual period.
Therefore, they must result from a painful menstrual period.

Sometimes, a patient's ten fingernails will have obvious changes. From
their length, one can make a pretty accurate estimate. I will ask,
"Were you seriously ill three months ago?" Many of them told me what
kind of disease they had suffered.  When some young men could not
recall ever having any illnesses, I asked them, "Did you break up with
your girl friend?" They were astonished and asked, "How did you know?"

 Stuff like that is not anything unique nor great knowledge.
However, if no one tells you, you will never understand, regardless of how many degrees you have earned and how advanced an
instrument you use. I know that the fingernails of the grown-ups are
different from those of the children. The fingernails of the elderly
are different from those of the younger adults. Through cultivation,
the fingernails of the elderly can look like those of the younger adult
and that is the absolute truth!

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