Traditional Chinese Medicine Is from Heaven

Song Chen Guang

PureInsight | September 6, 2007

[] According to
the Chinese legends, in the beginning, there was no Heaven and Earth,
but Pangu broke through the chaotic darkness and then Heaven and Earth
emerged. Later, the gods created human beings. In the Bible, it talks
about the creation of human beings by God.  In the Chinese
culture, it depicted how Nuwa created the human race. Gods created
human beings and, at the same time, passed down the culture to them.
Therefore, human beings had everything.

It is said that traditional Chinese medicine was passed down by the gods. In the first chapter of the The Yellow Emperor,
a Chinese medicine classic, it talks about how to follow the heavenly
principles instead of how to cure illnesses. In addition, it discusses
true selves, virtuous men, sages, and wise men.  Here the true
selves are really enlightened beings, namely gods. Why, in the first
chapter of a Chinese medicine classic, does it talk about gods and
Taos? It indicates to us that traditional Chinese medicine was passed
down by gods.

 Human beings exist in a dimension that is constructed by
molecules. Western medicine is based on that. In Chinese medicine,
there is more than layers and layers of molecules. The internal organs
from Chinese medicine can be easily understood by the western medicine,
but the Ying and the Yang, the five elements, and the meridians are
beyond the Western doctors' comprehension. In addition, Chinese
medicine has a comprehensive system of theories that originated in the
Tao School. The more these theories are studied by the scholars, the
more amazing they become. In reality, the gods passed down Chinese
medicine because the gods have compassion for men and, through Chinese
medicine, men can understand the Tao. Therefore, men who have great
enlightenment quality can become wise men, sages, virtuous men, and
true selves.

Nowadays, the profound meanings in Chinese medicine still exit, but
Chinese medicine is no longer as good as it was in the ancient
times.  And the culprit is the decline in medical ethics. Poor
people may die in front of a hospital and no one will help them. 
People nowadays no longer believe in the existence of the gods and fail
to uphold the moral standard. Gods from Heaven are always compassionate
and selfless. Therefore, human beings have to believe in gods and
respect gods in order to have hope.

Many of us know the story of Bian Que, a great physician of Chinese
medicine. When Bian Que was young, he worked as an employee in an inn.
A visitor, Chang Sangjun, came to the inn very often. Bian Que was
always very courteous to him. After more than ten years of observation,
Chang knew that Bian was a person with a noble character. One day, he
took out a little package of herbs and told Bian Que that if he took
it, he would be able to see everything. Besides the herbs, he also gave
Bian books of formulas. Chang Sangjun disappeared immediately after
that. Bian Que took the herbs and could see through a wall. With this
capability, he was able to diagnose correctly the causes and locations
of all illnesses. This story illustrates that Bian Que's medical skills
were passed down by the enlightened Chang Sangjun. And Bian Que was
picked because of his noble character.

We are extremely fortunate to be born in this era.  More than two
thousand years ago, Sakyamuni Buddha predicted that when the King of
the Falun Paradise came down to earth, the human world will become
wonderful due to the wide spread of Dafa and the moral standard will
also improve.

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