The Wonders of Dafa (2)

Jing Lian

PureInsight | October 8, 2007

[] Ever since I
was little, I loved to understand unusual things and read about the
mysteries of the world. Due to the indoctrination by the Communist
Party, I overlooked many unexplainable events. Of course, I did not
believe that there were Taos or gods. I thought that they were merely
the manifestations of the lack of advanced science plus superstition.

When I grew older, I felt that the Chinese people were in a faithless
era. People do not believe in anything, including religion and
Communism. What do people live for then? What is the purpose of life?
What is the cornerstone for living? I had no direction and felt empty
inside. As a result, I put most of my efforts into my career. I have
been searching for a long time knowing that, without spiritual support,
there is not any hope or future.

My parents began practicing Dafa in 1996. I, therefore, had some
contact with Dafa. I witnessed that my mother got rid of her arthritis,
diabetes, and eleven other ailments, and regained her health. She
became healthy, younger, and happy. I also saw my father's miraculous
karma release. One side of his head swelled up like a pig's face, one
eye became a thin line, and one ear became twice its normal size.
However, the other half of his head was normal. I was startled and
wanted to take him to a hospital. He declined and, in a few days, he
was fine. No drugs and no injections were needed. It was so incredible!
I also saw two people in their sixties who did not take a pill for more
than ten years. These phenomenal events could not be explained. Some
said that they were natural or psychological, but I believed that it
was Falun Gong. Falun Gong really can cure diseases and my parents are
living proof. After July 20, 1999, the evil propaganda and lies,
particularly the Tiananmen Immolation Incident, were all over China. My
attitude changed from contempt to being suspicious and concerned. I
worried about my parents being hurt and was afraid that one day they
might pick up a kitchen knife and do something regrettable.
Consequently I avoided Dafa and even disliked it.

I realize again how difficult it is to get rid of the bad elements that
the evil party forced upon us. Therefore, it is so urgent to save
sentient beings. But my parents were still steadfast, studied the Fa
continuously, and clarified the truth. My mother had no fear and
clarified the truth to me often, but I refused to hear. Now when I
think about it, it was so stupid of me! Such a rare opportunity that
everyone should cherish!

So I dragged my feet and it turned into eight long years! One day in September of 2003, I picked up Zhuan Falun
for the first time. It turned out that it was what I had been searching
for a long time! Isn't "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" good
and everyone should learn and do that? Isn't that the standard for a
human being? I finally found the cornerstone for my life and the
support for my soul.

When I read the book, I had strong reactions from my heart, stomach,
and teeth. My heart skipped beats, I felt nauseated, and my teeth
became soft and long and hit each other. When I read about the third
eye, I felt just like what is described in the book. When my mother saw
my reactions, she taught me how to meditate. I did it at night for half
an hour and also smelled something very familiar which happened long

At night I dreamed of quarreling with my co-workers. Not only was the
dream vivid in the morning but, also, I could feel the fire rising from
my chest. That was unprecedented! In addition, I could see, from the
corner of my right eye, the word "forbearance," a knife on top of a
heart! That word was golden, shiny and quite colorful! I could see it
with my eyes open or closed and even during my sleep. I told my mother.
She said, "Master is reminding you to be tolerant." After a few days,
that word disappeared. All these personal experiences helped me to
totally eliminate atheism. I did not think that they were human
illusions any more. Master was so compassionate that he forgave my
stupidity and arrogance. I truly experienced the miracles of Dafa!
There are indeed so many things in this world beyond our comprehension!
Everything the Communist party has said is false!

From that time on, I finally stumbled into the magnificent and hard-to-come-by Dafa and stepped on the path of returning home!

I want to use my personal experiences as a testimonial for the wonders
of Dafa. I hope that many people who had the opportunity and did not
join Dafa will cherish their limited time and build their predestined
relationship with Dafa. Don't be fooled by the evil atheism from the
Communist Party! At the end, you are the one who will regret! For those
who do not know the truth, I want to say this: Everything is moving
very fast during the Fa-rectification. The social and cosmic changes
are all the gods' arrangements. Please don't miss this golden
opportunity. Let go of you wanting fame, wealth, and gains. Otherwise,
the total elimination of your body and soul will be unavoidable!  

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