The Story of Lao Wang

Xi Hui

PureInsight | October 17, 2007

[] Lao Wang was
not our coordinator before the persecution started. Slowly she ended up
being a coordinator among our local practitioners.

Lat night, I went to her home to pick up some Dafa materials. She was
ready to go out to distribute truth-clarifying fliers. When she saw me,
she went back in with me. I saw her cheeks were all bruised and asked
her what happened.  She told me her story of being interfered with
by evil and how she eliminated it.

On September 9, while she was eating lunch, she felt nauseated. When
the phone rang, she got up to answer it and fell down on the tile
floor. She passed out and did not know what happened.

Her son and daughter-in-law put her in bed. They could not get her to
say a word, so they called an ambulance. In a very short while she
revived, but she knew that she was not sick and that evil was
persecuting her. She has cultivated Dafa for more than ten years and
knew that she should not have such severe sickness karma.  She
started sending forth righteous thoughts, "I am Master's disciple and I
will follow Master only. Perhaps I have loopholes, but I can correct
them following Dafa. I absolutely will not allow the evil to persecute
me. The Fa rectifies the universe and eliminates the evil completely."

The ambulance arrived in15 minutes.  Her son and daughter-in-law
insisted that she go to the hospital. However, Lao Wang refused and
claimed that she was not sick at all. Her son and daughter-in-law gave
the driver 105 yuan and let the ambulance go.

That night, Lao Wang passed blood three times.

I asked her, "How much blood was there?"

Lao Wang said, "I am not sure, but I know that it was a lot. When I saw
so much blood, I was not frightened. I felt that it was not blood, but
only an illusion that the evil wanted to scare me with. I kept reciting
the formula: "Fa rectifies the universe and eliminates the evil
completely."  I also asked Master to help me. The following day,
everything was fine and I did not feel a thing.

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