"What They Are Doing Is to Communicate the Internal Spirit"

PureInsight | January 10, 2008

[PureInsight.org] According to a report on December 27 by The Epoch Times,
the ten Holiday Wonders Christmas shows performed by Divine Performing
Arts have been praised by both western and eastern audiences of various
cultural backgrounds. Positive comments from the arts circles,
academicians, media commentators, politicians and business people came
one after another, like waves. People in New York spread the news of
the spectacular event through words and their hearts and are looking
forward to the Chinese New Year Gala at the Radio City Music Hall.

Vice President of HSBC: I have never seen such a dynamic backdrop and was truly astonished

Mrs. Elaine Rachlin, the Vice President of HSBC, headquartered in Hong
Kong, watched the first Holiday Wonders show on December 18 and said
that the performance was wonderful, the not only was each program good
but the entire conception, arrangement and layout were all perfect and

Mrs. Rachlin said: "The dancers and singers were excellent. They were
beautiful, elegant and honorable. The music was sweet, pleasant and
moving. The colors were bright, rich, and gorgeous. The dances were
beautiful and delicate and the dancers' costumes were varied and
graceful. In addition, the whole scene design was great. I had never
seen the dynamic backdrop before and was truly astonished."

She said: "This is a very unique show. It's not only an artistic
performance, but an expression of spirit; full of vigor and motivation,
and it inspires people's hearts. It not only is beautiful in external
form and content, but also in disseminating many traditional values and
in following ancient customs and virtues.

Many audiences praised this show as being unique and special, and Mrs.
Rachlin agreed with them. She said: "Those performers are not only
performing an art, but also communicating an internal spirit which
includes truthfulness, kindness, courage, vitality and strength.
Through their body language, they are explaining a kind of spirit and
conveying their care, kindness and hope from their hearts to the

Mrs. Rachlin thought that the classical Chinese dance was very
beautiful, exquisite, and elaborate, and emphasized depiction of
details and characters. Behind the movements, gestures and posture were
deeper meanings and special connotations. To her, each movement of hand
and foot possessed unique lingering charm that makes one ponder. She
said: "I am very surprised by this."

As for the Chinese traditional culture being performed during the
Christmas season, Mrs. Rachlin thought that it was very appropriate and
good timing. She said that presently people mainly think about gift
giving during the holidays while, in fact, more attention should be
paid to the recovery of some excellent traditions, including caring and
harmonious relationships among people. She thinks that this performance
played such a reminding role.

Mrs. Rachlin is a musician and singer who has had many solo concerts.
She said that this performance was very inspiring for her own
performing technique and in her future performances she will
concentrate her mind more on a sincere attitude instead of self image
and voice only.

Mrs. Rachlin also said that she would go to watch the Global Chinese
New Year Gala organized by the NTDTV at Radio City Music Hall.

Dance teacher: Each movement in the dances has its special meaning

Right after the performance ended, Lucid, a dance teacher, shared her
feeling with reporter: "Everything, the movements, steps and rhythm of
the dances, is so good and impressive."

The reporter asked: "What is your most favorite program?" "I like the
Resounding Drums, the last dance with drumming, the best." Lucid said:
"Actually I study dance and drumming music too, especially African
drumming. I even do a little study of martial arts."

Lucid said that she had known of Classical Chinese Dance, but this was
the first time to see such a rich program. She said: "The movements in
Chinese dance are very exquisite and beautiful."

"Look at those dancers! Each of their movements has a special meaning.
I also like the design of the backdrops very much, as well as the

Lucid continued: "The most powerful one is still the resounding drums."
Reporter asked curiously: "Why is that?" Is it because of the rhythm?"

Lucid answered: "The rhythm is of course good, but not only the rhythm,
but a feeling. There is no word to describe that feeling. It is
actually a kind of beauty."

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