The Moment When You Disengage

Li Yunzhong

PureInsight | February 10, 2008

[] In August of this year, brother Huang came to visit me. He told me that he was planning to sell the plant that he had inherited from uncle Huang. I was very surprised and asked why he had made such a sudden decision. He said that he was very tired and wanted to have a good rest. I kidded him: "You are only forty-three years old and you want to retire? Isn't that too early?" He answered: "It almost drives me crazy every day facing all the matters in the company. Also, I want to finish my first travelling work overseas." After this, I shared his happiness and longings and then wished him good luck.

Yesterday brother Huang asked me out for dinner and told me that he ad sold the plant. I congratulated him and asked him: "When are going to go? Do you need me to do anything for you?" He said that he was not going overseas.

"So you will finish your work at home?" I asked.

"No, it might have to be postponed because some of my friends want me to join them and set up a small trading firm." He said.

I teased him: "Isn't that like the same wine just in a different bottle?"

Brother Huang said: "I will have more time to finish my work after the firm becomes a bit more stable."

I told him: "Now you are saying that you will have time to finish your work after the company stabilizes. When the time comes, you will say that you will really have time after the company has achieved something."

He grinned and said: "That's true. It's very hard to retreat once you are in the frey."

Sometimes I think: "Human beings are really in dilemmas. When one is busy, he can not wait for one more second to leave the busy environment. However, once he gets a little bit of peaceful time, he doesn't know how to cherish it. In the face of another choice to pursue fame and fortune, he will eventually go back to the previous situation and will be shackled again by the fame and fortune.

In fact, when one is mentally exhausted, it would be better to put down whatever he does and seek relaxation. Some people may say: "It is so short. Sooner or later you have to go back to reality." However, a survey showed that one who goes travelling frequently or has regular relaxation works more efficiently than those who work long hours and don't take relaxation, though this is not absolute.

Fortune and power are not real wealth. If you rely on them too much, you will fall down just like you were trying to step on slippery stones. Real wealth is virtue and the ability to use the virtue. If you change your state of mind, you life will change at the moment when you start to learn how to disengage.

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