Tibet, Tibet (Photos)

PureInsight | April 5, 2008


[PureInsight.org] Tibet is a marvelous and beautiful place. It stands on the roof of the world, on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. With its azure blue sky and magnificent land, imposing ice-clad peaks, snowy mountain ranges, sapphire lakes spreading all over, green prairies stretching beyond the horizon, adorned with yaks and sheep, it is like walking into a huge painting scroll. The light on the prairie is so pure and bright. Its rich and bright colors are permeated with an innocent child's taste. It is a dreamland.  

Tibetans are brimming with reverence and love for nature. They kneel and bow in worshipping sacred mountains and lakes.  They endure cold and thin air and work arduously. They drink butter tea and watch the colorful wind flags and spotlessly white silk scarves fluttering in the wind.  They sing the resounding pastoral songs and dance in their long-sleeved dress. Their simple smiles are shown on their ruddy faces. Their personalities are gentle and tolerant.

Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, in alternating red and white colors, towering aloft in the mountaintop, are the holy places of Tibetans. Being Buddhists, Tibetans go on pilgrimages as their life long endeavor. Pilgrimage to the holy city of Lhasa is the supreme and the most important thing in their life.

People in endless streams go on pilgrimages year round. Tens of thousands of Tibetans, converging into a mighty torrent from villages, march toward Lhasa slowly and resolutely. Men and women, old and young, trudge a long distance. They use their bodies to measure the distance to the holy temples: they press their palms together devoutly over their heads and crawl on their whole bodies with their hands outstretched and their foreheads touching the earth. They repeat each step more than a hundred thousand times and endure untold hardships. Their devout, firm, and tenacious spirits shock and move people.

Temples stand in great numbers. Multicolored flags dance about in the wind. People often see gray-haired old women turning a tube with scripture inside and Lamas in red robes singing scriptures and praying.  Leisure and tranquility fill the air. All distracting thoughts and grievances are filtered out. People are relaxed and serene. Heaven and earth are so close. Humans and gods are connected.

Tibet, the vibrating beauty lets countless people lose themselves in reverie. Tibet, it is another lifestyle that reflects the ancient mysterious reality. Its beauty is now being destroyed by commerce relentlessly and torn by pollution. Politics have suppressed and distorted the people's beliefs. Everyone who loves Tibet feels pain. Now people around the world are concerned about the sanguine shooting by Chinese police. Tibet, Tibet, we pray for you.  

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