Stories of Reincarnation: A Novice Monk's Fa Instrument

Bing Lian

PureInsight | January 16, 2008

[] In ancient
India, there was a temple near the River Ganges that had many monks.
Among them, there was a diligent young novice monk who would read
scriptures and sit in meditation every day. However, he felt he could
not achieve a more magnificent level of ding. One day, the novice monk
walked to the shore of the River Ganges  with a heavy heart.
However, watching the sparkles on the surface of the calm river as if
they were lotus flowers, he felt wonderful.

After he got back to himself, a stone was flushed to his feet by the
water. The novice monk stared at the stone, which was round and shiny
because of years and years of washing in the water. It looked smooth
and lively, as if it was a life with a spirit. The water was free and
happy, rushing to the east following the course of nature. The novice
monk gazed at them: water and stone, the two things that counteract
each other have formed a one body due to the balance and restriction
between each other, and their lives have been changed and they have
sublimed peacefully and harmoniously. The rocks on the shore, however,
had become dry rocks and their spirits had dried up due to the lack of
water. And the shore water, too lazy to flow too fast for parasites,
had become foul water that attracted flies and mosquitoes.

The novice monk was enlightened to something. He picked up a flat dry
rock and brought it back to the temple. From then on, he would copy
scriptures onto the rock and write on it as soon as he had time. During
the process, his thoughts were gradually opened and his heart capacity
has increased. He would constantly raise questions and find the answers
from the scriptures, which would lead him to raise new questions and
answers. He constantly had new understandings of the gods' thoughts and
their realm of compassion. He has also seen that, the weapon for human
beings was iron, but the weapon for a cultivator was faith and the
ability of melting into the Fa and compassion. His sentimentality was
fading, and he has become more and more enlightened. He had purified
himself with the scriptures and has formed a rich and magnificent
heaven with his understandings of the scriptures.

Every word that he wrote would shine like a Fa instrument. It would awe
anything that was unrighteous. The devils would willingly become the
guards of Fa for him. When he wrote, enemies dared not to confront, and
even if they did try, the horses would not run forth. The words that he
wrote have greatly changed the cosmic climate in every realm. The Sun
God would disperse dark clouds and sprinkle golden lights on him. With
his writing, even the beings in hell that had a relationship with him
had their pain reduced. His righteous faith in cultivation practice has
gradually formed immense compassion.  

Many lifetimes later, the novice monk was reincarnated and obtained the
Fa, and has become a Falun Dafa disciple. As a life melted in the Fa,
nothing can affect his choice any longer, be it favorable or not.
Because in the cultivation practice of Dafa, a life like this clearly
knows that he is choosing God. And he also clearly knows that only a
life that has completely let go of human attachments can truly
safeguard Dafa.

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