Cultivation Diary: The Celestial Eye and Its Capabilities

Jin Gang Xiao

PureInsight | May 18, 2008

[] My celestial eye has been open since I was little and I can see things in other dimensions. I had two ideas in my head then: First, it is normal for everyone to see different dimensions. Second, whatever I see is an illusion and I should not take it seriously.  After I started my cultivation, both ideas were still with me. Thus, I have not been serious about anything that I can see and believe they only serve as factors for my enlightenment and elevation.

I read Zhuan Falun today and read what Master said about the third eye. I did not know why, but I suddenly could see the third eye between my eyebrows and all the sweat pores on my body were countless eyes. These eyes, grown on my body in another dimension, look very much like my physical eyes, even with eye lashes.  They were very innocent. I was very startled and wondered why I was allowed to see them. Immediately, I was able to see that these eyes had different functions: some were for eliminating the evil, some for looking for left-behind evil forces, some for assimilating to Dafa with other beings in the body, and some for displaying wonderful scenes from different worlds.  What they showed me was so wonderful that is indescribable.

One thing I do understand is that the capabilities of Dafa disciples can take various forms. When my heart is not moved, everything I see with my third eye is true at that level.  Once I elevate higher, what I saw before is not the final answer. Every time I elevate, I find out that what I saw before is no longer true.  Similarly, I learn that whatever I see is only the truth displayed at the level I am in. As a result, I should not be stubborn about what I see and the most important thing is my xinxing elevation.

I also understand that what my third eye can see is a gift from Master and should be used to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. Therefore, we should use it when the occasion is right.

Besides the celestial eye, Dafa disciples have many other capabilities, including righteous thoughts from cultivation and firm belief in Master and the Fa, which also exhibit tremendous power. In Zhuan Falun, Master said, "With your ever-increasing energy potency, the energy scattered from the gong in your body will also be quite powerful." I realize that when we are kind and calm and our hearts are filled with compassion, our capabilities bestowed by Dafa will manifest and eliminate the evil elements from people and help them understand the truth. Consequently, they are saved.

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