Turning the Innocent into Criminals

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | May 25, 2008



(For the Chinese Communist Party)

Turning the innocent

into criminals

the right to speak

into dissent

turning tradition

into superstition

and truth to renounce

and repent.

Turning promises

into poison

China's blue skies

into red

turning conscience

into silence

dreams of freedom

into dread.

Where Innocence Falls

Where innocence falls

hearts poisoned to the eye

where China's walls

hide too many a lie.

Where freedom denied

and the 'party' reigns

where perpetrators abide

and victims without names.

Where bodies broken

and souls defiled

where crimes unspoken

imprisoned without trial.

Where control by fear

any justice curtailed

where blood and tears

leave bitter trails.

Where light paled

and truth repressed

where dialogue failed

and power obsessed.

Where innocence falls

atrocities abound

where China's walls

silence every sound.

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