This is Truth, Not Rumor

By Xiang Gao

PureInsight | June 16, 2008

[] Yesterday, a
couple went shopping in my store. They said they were from Mianyang
City in Sichuan province and were victims of the Sichuan earthquake, so
they asked for a discount. I said "No problem," and asked how they were
doing. They said their house collapsed during the earthquake. I
comforted them with my sympathy. Then I told them that if you want a
good future, you must quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and only
in that way can you ensure your safety.

The husband was pondering whether to quit the CCP. The wife, however,
said, "I don't believe quitting the CCP can ensure ones safety." So I
asked them to sit down and told them a story I read from the Internet.

Previously, in Russia, there was a scholar who was also an atheist. One
day he was giving a speech in public saying God absolutely doesn't
exist. The audience started to agree with him. The scholar felt pleased
and shouted to the sky, "God, if you exist, please come down and kill
me here now! Then we will believe you exist." He deliberately waited
for a few moments. Of course God didn't come. The scholar looked around
and announced to the audience, "See? God doesn't exist!"

Then a lady wearing a head cloth stood up from the audience. She said,
"Sir, your theory is brilliant and you are highly educated. I am just a
farmer. So I wouldn't retort upon you. But I have a question that I
hope you can answer. I have believed in Jesus for many years. I am very
happy because Jesus saved me. I like reading the Bible;
the more I read the more I like reading it. My heart is filled with the
comfort Jesus gives me. Because I believe in Jesus, I have the greatest
happiness in my life. So, my question is: if when I die, I find out God
doesn't exist at all, Jesus is not God's son, and what the Bible says is not true at all, if I believe in Jesus for my whole life, what do I lose?"

The atheist scholar thought for a while, the audience was quiet and
they agreed with the lady. Even the scholar also agreed with the lady's
simple deduction so he murmured, "Madam, I think you lose nothing."

The lady continued, "Thank you for your answer. I have another
question: if when you die, you find God does exist, Jesus is God's son,
Heaven and hell exist too, then I would like to know, what do you lose?"

The scholar thought for a long time and couldn't answer.

Then I said to the couple, "In history, there have been written many books of prophesy all over the world, such as the Gyeok-Am Yu-Rok, Ma Qian Ke, Jinling Tower Tablet Inscription, Tuibei Tu, and Plum Blossom Poem.
They all predict that today's mankind will go through a series of
disasters, and then the whole world will enter into a brand new
harmonious age. If the 'Book of Revelation' in the Bible
is true in saying that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a red
dragon (beast) which throws dust in the eyes of the world, the CCP is
the demon Satan, and whoever is a member of the CCP (or its affiliated
organizations) has been branded with the mark of the beast, then when
the final Judgment Day comes, all those who haven't quit the CCP and
still bear the mark of the beast will be eliminated by horrible natural
disasters, epidemics, and cruel wars as described in the 'Book of
Revelation' in the Bible.
This raises an analogous issue: a person who quits the CCP doesn't
really lose anything, and moreover, that person can have peace of mind.
But, if a person doesn't quit the CCP and instead goes along with the
red dragon and the demon, then when everything comes true and when the
CCP is eliminated by Heaven, that person will lose his life. Eternal
regrets cannot make up for it."

The couple nodded. The husband said, "My sister died in the earthquake
in Jiangyou City. Days before the earthquake, people over there talked
about the possibility of an impending earthquake. I called my sister
and told her that the government said it was just a rumor. Now it has
turned out that it was the government who spread a rumor; what the
government said was rumor was actually truth. (sighs...) How
heartbroken! What you said is all truth, not rumor. Both of us joined
the Chinese Communist Youth League before. Please help us to quit the

After the couple left, I sighed. Many people think that Falun Dafa
practitioners who clarify the truth about the importance of quitting
the CCP are spreading rumors, but the truth is that those practitioners
are saving people at the risk of being arrested or even losing their
own lives! Compared to those who tell people "the earthquake is coming,
be prepared," the practitioners are even more compassionate and
magnificent, and their righteousness will be recorded in history for
sure. When the CCP is persecuting Dafa practitioners and refuting
rumors, the CCP is in effect murdering people, like this time when the
CCP refuted the "rumor" of a possible earthquake but this ended up
causing thousands of innocent people to lose their lives, especially
those school children. Then there is the fact that since the CCP was
established in China, it has been responsible for the death of 80
million Chinese people as a result of one movement after another; the
number of deaths is greater than the sum of the death tolls from World
War I and World War II combined.

Isn't the Chinese Communist Party an evil demon? Shouldn't we quit the
CCP? "Quitting CCP ensures safety." Is this truth or rumor? Please
think carefully.

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