The Effect of Phone Calls by Practitioners Overseas

By a Dafa practitioner in China

PureInsight | June 29, 2008

[] In this
article, I would like to talk about how fellow Dafa practitioners
rescued me after I was detained. When I was detained in 2002, local
practitioners collected a lot of phone numbers and email addresses for
my place of employment, and many phone calls were made to these numbers
by Dafa practitioners overseas. Meanwhile, local practitioners also
distributed information about my case and other Falun Dafa
truth-clarification materials in the residential area where my
colleagues and I lived. Although my workplace had only several thousand
people, my colleagues were very interested in the case due to the fact
that it happened to someone close to them. When I was released in 2004
and returned to my workplace, I noticed that the effect of truth
clarification by fellow practitioners was very obvious. The "610
Office" at my workplace was very afraid because my case was posted on
the Internet and because they received a large number of phone calls
and truth clarification materials. Because the environment became
better, my colleagues felt able to talk about Dafa related issues with

I would like to express my great appreciation to the overseas Dafa
practitioners who kept up the effort making phone calls to Mainland
China. They did a very successful job in my case. Although I always
wanted to write about this, I was hindered by my human notions. This is
a very good example to demonstrate that practitioners worked together
as one body to validate Dafa. But because I personally did not do well
enough, I did not get out of the detention center immediately.

Many practitioners think that their situation becomes very serious if
their cases are posted on the Internet. The evil also often reinforces
this idea to practitioners and their families. Actually this is
everyday people's way of thinking. In fact, the evil is afraid of being
exposed. Whether or not a case becomes serious does not depend on its
appearance, but on how much evil has been eliminated in other
dimensions and on if our xinxing
(mind-nature) is up to the standard. If exposing the evil on the
Internet can help to eliminate the evil, clarify the truth, and save
sentient beings, it should be done. If we are afraid, we should find
the attachment within ourselves according to the Fa and then get rid of
it. "If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will
cease to exist" ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)," Essentials for Further Advancement II).

I also want to talk about another practitioner's case. Although I was
not personally involved, I still want to tell practitioners that a
phone call from an overseas practitioner indeed made a big difference.
After a Dafa practitioner who fled home to avoid police was caught and
brought to a "brainwashing class," local practitioners posted her case
on the Internet. Overseas practitioners then made many phone calls.
According to people who worked inside the evil office, their phones
rang almost non-stop during those days. When an investigator from the
local law enforcement office came to interview the people who were
involved with the case, based on the information provided in the truth
clarification materials, these people who participated in the
persecution were very scared and shirked their responsibilities to
others. When the practitioner got out, these people all told her
shamefully that they had nothing to do with persecuting her.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for the efforts made
by overseas practitioners. The majority of the Dafa practitioners are
in Mainland China and practitioners in here should do even better,
compare with each other in Fa study and in cultivation, save more
sentient beings, and follow our Respected Teacher back home as soon as
we can.

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