Cultivation Diary: We Live in This World for the Fa

By Jin Gangxiao

PureInsight | July 7, 2008

[] Today I had to do some business at the other end of the city, so I took a taxi.

I sat in the passenger seat. The driver was a middle-aged man. I am
used to clarifying the truth to cab drivers every time I take a taxi,
and this time was no exception. The driver enjoyed listening to me and
agreed to renounce any ties to the evil CCP or its affiliated
organizations. In the end he said, "My car has the company's CB radio,"
as he pointed at it and added, "Perhaps everyone from my cab company
with a radio has heard you." I looked at the microphone and said,
"That's good. Everybody should know the truth. This is the basic right
of all citizens. The radio is also a life, and he too wants to know the
truth. I smiled as I spoke. Seeing that I wasn't scared, the driver
smiled too. He said, "You're very brave. All of you [Falun Gong
practitioners] are indeed very brave."

We all live in this world for the Fa. So does every sentient being,
including the dust in the air. After thousands of years of waiting and
numerous soul-stirring reincarnations, we have finally reached this
life when Dafa is being spread. I have read many reincarnation stories
written by our fellow practitioners. In fact, everything in this world
including a piece of dust has a long life span as breathtaking as a
universe, and the stories would exhaust all the paper in the human
world. However, after coming to the world in this lifetime, many beings
not only failed to do positive things for Dafa as they had promised,
but have continuously been doing bad things. Respected Teacher is so
merciful that he has been giving these beings opportunities again and
again. As soon as I think of these lost beings, I can't help shedding
tears because every being underwent all kinds of hardships when they
descended a long time ago and has undergone all sorts of hardships
again and again while waiting for the spread of Dafa

One day, I rode in a taxi to a place out of town with a
non-practitioner friend who understood the truth, and along the way we
came across a police car driving very aggressively and rudely. My
friend joked, "This police car is so bad. If you could send righteous
thoughts and make it catch fire, I would admire you so much because I
would be convinced about your supernormal powers!" I told him that we
send righteous thoughts to eliminate evil so that more people can be
saved, and lighting police cars on fire is not our purpose. I added
that we do not pay attention to supernormal abilities but to our
xinxing, so how could we do things to make others catch fire? My friend
said, "I see," and understood completely. Actually, how would he know
that even the police car had descended to the world for the Fa a long
time ago, it also had undergone numerous hardships and had vowed to do
good things for Dafa. However, lifetime after lifetime, it became stuck
deeper and deeper in the maze, and it not only forgot its vows, but
also became something that is used to persecute Falun Dafa

Indeed, every being has come here for Dafa. How earnestly I wish those
with predestined relationships would understand Dafa practitioners'
arduous efforts clarifying the facts! Like all other Falun Dafa
practitioners, I do believe that the truth of Dafa is surely able to
reawaken your memories from long ago and recover your lost natures so
that you will choose an eternal and wonderful future!

June 10, 2008

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