Cultivation Diary: Shanshan, It is Time to Go Home

By Jingang Xiao

PureInsight | July 7, 2008

[] Early one
morning, I took a bus to go to another city to visit a friend whom I
had never met in person before. This friend's name is Shanshan. Several
days ago, Shanshan and I made an appointment via email to meet because
she might be going to the Sichuan earthquake disaster area very soon as
a volunteer.

Shanshan's handwriting is very nice, and the articles posted on her
blog were also very good. She initially recommended that I visit her
blog when we first met, and later I found many of her articles talking
about the confusion and puzzles in life. I often left comments that she
then replied to. Since then, we started to share our experiences and
encouraged eachother via email.

One day, I thought that I would like to clarify the truth about Falun
Gong to Shanshan face to face. This thought indeed led to an
opportunity to meet her. Isn't it the case that a Dafa practitioner's
sincere wish to clarify the truth will come true?

I took the train to the city, and I took the bus to the place where we
were supposed to meet. It had just rained heavily and everything
appeared very clean and fresh. Shanshan came on time after the rain.
When we saw each other, we both smiled as if we could read each other's
minds. It seemed that we were friends from a long time ago that had
reunited today.

After we talked about writing and our future plans, I naturally told
her that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. Shanshan was not surprised at
all by my straight-forwardness. She told me that when she studied in
France several years ago, she saw practitioners walking by holding
S.O.S. banners. She passed by them not knowing what Falun Gong was.
When I told her that Falun Gong practitioners cultivate Truth,
Compassion, Tolerance, she looked at me while slowly repeating the
three words "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance," with an expression similar
to an empty cup desiring to be filled.

During the whole afternoon, she stared and listened to me with full
attention. I had never seen anyone like her. How to describe it? When I
clarified the truth to her, she would completely absorb it immediately
and then return to an empty state waiting for more... I helped her
renounce all affiliations to the evil CCP; I gave her a
truth-clarification CD, and she took it with both hands and said she
would take a good look at it. She told me that she wanted to read the
book Zhuan Falun.

At that moment, my third eye opened. I saw some of Shanshan's previous
lives. She was a monk with great virtue who had cultivated for many
years and had endured a lot of sufferings. In another life she was a
noble princess. I did not tell her what I saw. Instead, she told me
that she had a very clear dream in 2006 that in one life she was an old
monk who had cultivated to a very high level. At that time, she said a
young woman had liked the monk very much and could not get him out of
her mind. As a result, after the woman died she became a spider staying
in the eaves of the monk's room to watch him.

Shanshan told me that at a very young age she kept finding many
cultivation books to read. When she was a little girl, she told her
father that she could overcome anything except for sentimentality.
After hearing this, I could not help but tell her to read Zhuan Falun
after she got home, because it was what she had been waiting thousands
of years for. Shanshan nodded. At that moment, her eyes were very
bright. This girl's true self must have been a king, and probably tens
of thousands of years ago she had told me that I must find her to tell
her about Falun Gong when I obtained it. Now her memory was waking up,
and thus her eyes became so bright.

With dusk arriving at the bus stop, I waved to Shanshan to say
good-bye. The moment when the bus started, I turned my head to see the
young girl fading in the distance, and felt deeply moved with
compassion. A song arose in my mind:

"Traveling across mountains and rivers, again and again I come for you, I come with love for you..." ("Coming for You")

I thought to myself, "Shanshan, go read that precious book that can
bring you back home. The sentient beings in your universe have been
waiting for you for so long, and it is time for you to go home. May you
go home with a renewed life and hope!"

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