"Clarify the Truth, Urgent to Save People, The Great Way Leads Directly to Heaven" (II)

By Wu Chen

PureInsight | August 4, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Once again,
we started on the journey to the south. My mind was already flying to
the place where I had lived many times in my previous lifetimes. Now
the people there were waiting to be saved.

The first time I saw one fellow practitioner's daughter (her name is
Waner) was four years ago, and at that time, she was only two years
old. This time, she greeted me by saying "Hello, Auntie!" very
naturally when we met. When Waner saw my Falun badge, she said very
clearly, "Falun Dafa is good." I was touched by Waner's innate purity
and innocence. The child was as pure as a blank sheet of paper. I
admired that her mother had taught her very well. A parent cannot
ignore their daughter. It is a parent's responsibility to teach and
guide young Dafa disciples well.

Several hours later, we arrived at the home of a fellow practitioner's
sister (she had just obtained the Fa). Since it was an out-of-the-way
place, there were no other Dafa practitioners around. The sister had
many questions related to cultivation. So, my fellow practitioner
wanted me to talk to his sister regarding these questions. At first
glance, his sister looked like people who lived in the Liao Dynasty,
especially from her eyes, where you could see the frankness and
persistence that the Liao Dynasty people had. During our conversation,
I learned that the sister and her husband were both very nice and
hard-working. Chinese farmers toil day and night. Although she was busy
working every day, she didn't forget to study the Fa and do the
exercises. She had just obtained the Fa, and there were no other Dafa
practitioners around. But the side of her original nature had been
longing for the way to go home for eons. While I was cooking dinner
with the sister, Waner, Waner's dad, and the sister's husband were
watching the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular show. They were
obviously all fascinated by the high-quality performances. After
dinner, Waner's mother suddenly got a stomachache and had to lie on her
belly. Immediately, another practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts
and I joined too. In the stillness, I saw many low-level spirits were
making trouble. Their goal was to interfere with us saving people
because we were about to distribute truth clarification materials at
night. We strengthened the thought that no one could stop us from
saving sentient beings. Half an hour later, Waner's mother got better
and she was able to sit up and send righteous thoughts by herself. She
looked better and better. She insisted on going out to distribute the
truth materials that night because "it wasn't easy to come all the way
here," she said.

Two female practitioners came here before. The first time, they walked
30 km. At night, a big wolf-like dog suddenly jumped out and blocked
their way fiercely. The two practitioners immediately sent righteous
thoughts. One practitioner said majestically to the dog, "Go away right
now!" As soon as she said that, the dog lost its fierceness and ran
away. Obviously, the evil that had controlled the dog was disintegrated
in other dimensions. When the practitioner told me this story, I felt
that as long as Dafa disciples have pure hearts for saving people,
Master can reinforce us. (Here I would like to remind other
practitioners to check if there are any blank spots in the villages
around you where no Dafa practitioners' truth clarification materials
have ever reached before.)


After the two practitioners left with a heavy load of Dafa truth
clarifying materials, I lost no time in sharing experiences with my
fellow practitioner's sister and her husband. Although the husband
hadn't practiced Dafa yet, he believed all the things in cultivation
and he was very supportive of his wife cultivating in Dafa. He also
encouraged his wife to cultivate well. Although his wife hadn't been
cultivating for very long, she believed in Dafa and showed great
respect to Master. Every morning when she got up before dawn, she
offered incense to Master, and every night her husband offered incense.
No matter how busy she was, she persevered in studying Fa and doing the
exercises because she believed Dafa and Master. Inadvertently, I saw
that in history, she had been Princess Tiejing's personal maid. In that
lifetime, she and the princess were like sisters, and she served the
princess for her whole life.


Before we knew it, it was already very late at night. Since they still
needed to get up early the next day, I ended the conversation. After
going back to my room, I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear away
all the evil elements that interfered with saving sentient beings and
also to reinforce the two practitioners who went out to distribute the
truth clarification materials. It was already dawn when they came back.

After I got up, the husband of the fellow practitioner's sister told me
that his neighbor came to see him in the early morning asking him how
to deal with all the Dafa truth clarification materials in his yard.
The husband told him to take a look since they were in his yard after
all. The husband also told the neighbor that he had read the materials
before and they were very good. So the neighbor went back to read them.

During lunch, I unintentionally saw that everyone in the room was a
cultivator in different historical periods. Moreover, many had
cultivated together in previous lifetimes. The predestined
relationships came and went. Now, we are once again connected by the
thread of Dafa. Dafa cleared away the illusion that had covered up our
nature, waking up our memory after eons of waiting. Our goal is to save
those who are still in illusion.

Due to our time being limited, we had to go back. When I got in the
car, I blessed the local people from the bottom of my heart, asking
that they could know the truth as early as possible and be saved. The
glory of "truthfulness, compassion and forbearance" has already been
shining in every corner of China and the universe!

When I was just about to send this article, I was told that the fellow practitioner's sister's husband had started to read Zhuan Falun
and other Dafa books; meanwhile my daughter at high school started to
cultivate diligently. She has studied the Fa with me every day after
the school. The girl who I mentioned in my last article changed
dramatically: she kept thinking about sentient beings and spoke again
and again about going out to distribute truth clarification materials
to save sentient beings. Her crystal clear heart to save people shocked
the hearts of all practitioners. Those diligent young practitioners
really encouraged us to "compare in studying, compare in cultivating,"
and encouraged us to catch up on the path to godhood! Many thanks again
for Master's great mercy!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/7/10/53752.html

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