The Origin of Yueya Spring in Dun Huang County

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | August 18, 2008

[] This is the
story of how human civilization was destroyed the last time. There was
a small group of human beings left to start civilization again. In the
area of Dun Huang County, Gansu Province, the soil was very fertile.
There were two tribes. In the beginning, they got along pretty well,
but later they constantly fought. At that time, humankind was quite
barbaric due to its lack of moral standards. If you killed your enemy,
you ate his flesh. Later, in order to educate them, a Taoist with
strong supernormal capability descended from heaven. After learning to
live like human beings, they improved.

This Taoist taught people tirelessly how to value their lives and be
civilized. Unfortunately, many people did not want to follow his words
of wisdom and instead wanted to harm him. After more than two years,
the Taoist realized that people in these two tribes truly lacked
compassion. He solemnly warned all of them one evening, "Something
serious will happen here, and the barbaric people will be punished for
their behavior. This entire area will turn into a huge desert." Most
people totally ignored him, and some even threw stones at him. Only a
few children realized that he was an enlightened being from above.
These children knelt down and said that they would follow his

The Taoist smiled and said to those children, "Now there will be people
to continue the tribes, and I will take all of you to a remote area
tonight. No matter what happens tonight, just lie there and think about
me, and things will be fine. Please remember to honor your words,
otherwise you will be revealing heavenly secrets, and you will end up
dying just like the rest of your tribe."

That night there was a strong sandstorm and the whole area quickly
turned into an ocean of sand. The barbaric people cried at top of their
lungs and gradually were buried under the sand. Everything was gone,
and only the endless desert remained as if nothing had ever existed

When the Taoist watched the scene, he shed tears. What could he do? It was their choice, for they failed to treasure themselves!

When the sun rose the next morning, all the children woke up. They were
so astonished to see the desert. After they collected themselves, they
started to cry. The Taoist asked them why they were crying. They said
that their tears were shed for those who were too barbaric and failed
to listen to his teachings, which resulted in such a tragic ending -
but not for the fact that the sand buried them.

The Taoist was touched by their understanding and believed that they
were teachable. Perhaps, heaven wanted to encourage those children -
where their tears hit the ground green grass grew. No matter how strong
the wind was, the grass remained erect. Afterwards, the children
started to meditate with the Taoist. A short while later, the Taoist
realized that the children should have food. Unfortunately, the desert
was so large, there was no water, and there was nothing to eat. The
Taoist intended to make food with his supernormal capabilities, but
heaven forbade him from doing so. The higher beings said, "The desert
comes from the moral decline of humankind. If people want to cultivate
here, they must be persevering and have a strong faith in you. The
Taoist understood that those children needed to show their gratitude to
heaven with their own actions! The Taoist told the children, "I'll
leave for a short while to take care of some personal affairs, and you
must cultivate diligently. Don't slack off!" And then he disappeared.

In the beginning, the children were steadfast. Later, some became too
hungry and went out to look for food. When they became lost in the
sandstorm, they were buried under the sand. Some loved to play, forgot
about cultivation, and also died in the desert. Only one child, who
thought about cultivation, disregarded the harsh conditions, and had a
strong faith in his master made it through. One day, when he was very
hungry and thirsty, he felt the sand and wind were about to bury him.
Even when his eyes and nose were filled with sand, he sat there and
meditated. He thought of only what his master said, "Cultivate
diligently and don't slack off!" Slowly, his lips became dry and
cracked, and his body had very little water left. He thought, "No
matter what happens, I have to cultivate, even if I lose my life. What
my master said is correct. It is a cause for celebration when I
understand these principles in this lifetime, and I should not ask for
anything else." During the most critical moment of life and death, this
child did not think of gain or loss. This demonstrated his strong faith.

Meanwhile, a huge goddess in white appeared in the sky. She was deeply
touched and smiled at the human dimension. Seeing the crescent moon,
she waved her arm once, and a crescent shaped spring with clear water
appeared in front of the child. When she waved her arm a few more
times, green trees, water fowl, and fish appeared.

At that moment, the Taoist returned. He smiled at the child and said,
"My child, you have passed many tests and made it. You have obtained
your fruit status and also set a good example for future human beings.
Everything will continue here, and the crescent spring will never dry
up, unless human moral standards decline profoundly. Then it will then
slowly dry up. This spring will serve as a reminder for human beings.
Now you will go back to heaven and stay there for a while, and then you
will reincarnate in different places at different times. Since you have
witnessed this, you should write it down when Dafa spreads to the human
world when the evil forces are testing Dafa.

The purpose of bringing back this page of history is to warn worldly
people: When human beings are no longer worthy of being humans, gods
will really eliminate you! Moreover, steadfast cultivation can truly
move heaven and earth!

Later on, more cultivators and even temples appeared around the spring.
The clear Yueya Spring remains there, as people gradually understand
the purpose of being humans. Today, the quality of the clear and calm
water is still viewed as being a miracle.

I have to stop here because I cannot help my tears from steaming down my cheeks.

Please cherish the purpose of being human and our time to cultivate!

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