Cultivation Story: Inspiration from Drawers

By a Dafa disciple outside of China

PureInsight | September 13, 2008

[] Yesterday, a friend gave me a dresser and it looked pretty nice. The dresser had two big drawers and three small drawers. Because my place was a mess, after carrying the dresser and its five drawers up to my apartment, I just left them in the hallway and thought that I would move them in when I had time to clean the room.

Today, I cleaned the apartment and happily went out to the hall to get the dresser. However, next to the dresser, I found only four drawers instead of five. I asked the next-door neighbors, but they didn’t know where the fifth drawer had gone either.

When I looked at the dresser with a missing drawer, I felt it was not of much use and had to throw it away.

Suddenly, I thought about cultivation. Although sometimes I might feel I am doing well on certain aspects, the inner meaning of cultivation is not something we can imagine now. If we stubbornly keep some of our notions and do not assimilate to the Fa, aren’t we going to feel regret in the future upon looking back? Take the human body as an example; one needs to have organs, blood, bones, skin, facial parts, four limbs and energy channels to be a complete person. It won’t do even if but one part is missing.

Therefore, we really need to do well in all aspects of our cultivation and in validating the Fa. Sometimes when we encounter issues, we might not understand them clearly and not know how to handle them. However, no matter what, we must use these opportunities to behave as true cultivators, to clarify the truth as much as possible, and to eliminate all the factors that interfere with the Fa-rectification.

That is to say, when some situations or certain things occur, do not treat them with ordinary people’s notions or attachments to self. Just do well the three things Dafa disciples should do, and the Fa is then creating everything for us.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anywhere it is incorrect.

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